Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cowboys and Cowgirls

Before our jaunt to Kansas City last month, we went boot and weed eater shopping.  Every Texan needs a good, sturdy pair of boots for doing cowboy things.  You know, for the ranch or working in the fields.  We have neither but we did go to the Houston Rodeo this year, which was a blast!  Anyway, the kids had a great time trying on boots and Eric bought a pair of really cool boots, he looks super cute in them!  He also needed a new weed eater and heard there were some great deals at the John Deere dealer in Katy.  I think he wanted to check out all the cool toys and tools!
We also went to the John Deere dealer in Katy, Eric was looking for a certain brand of a weed eater.  While he scoured the store, we had fun with the riding lawn mowers and tractors!

Such a big boy!!  He really wanted the camera!

So much fun!!

We want Santa to bring this for Christmas!!!  Or some grandparents!!

He had so much fun!

Love her!

His new favorite color is green and now he wants green boots!

I love her pose!  

Checking herself out in the mirror...I love his smile!!

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