Thursday, August 12, 2010

Come on Mom!

Today while grocery shopping with my three kids (what was I thinking?!), we were walking down the produce aisle, everyone was peaceful in the cart built for THREE KIDS!   I know, what an invention!  I go to get one onion and all the onions come rolling down.  It was so embarrassing!  Onions were everywhere, all over the aisle, under our cart, and I threw myself on top of the rest of the onions to keep them from falling.  A guy behind me just started laughing, while picking up the onions.  That is when my kids lost it!  Will started crying, Molly and Jack started kicking each other...why?!!
After all the onions were put away and I put my one onion in the cart, I needed a few tomatoes.  What happens?  The tomatoes come rolling down!  Not thousands like the onions, but a few hundred.  Jack goes, "Come on Mom!!"  Like Mom, why are you such a klutz, making a mess in the grocery...all I want is a tortilla.  Thank you, Jack.  I pick up the hundreds of tomatoes, with the same man who laughed at me about the onions.  The sweet man told  me, "I've never seen this ever happen!"  Same here!!  What an experience!  What a day!


  1. Aww Lizzie! I hope your day improved after that one! :)

  2. Love all your posts....I know I should not be laughing.....but you are just so funny with your stories. LOVE YOU LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!


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