Sunday, August 29, 2010

A small update for now...

On this fun filled Saturday night, I have nothing else to do but update everyone on the happenings of The Brew Crew!  OK, we're not total dorks, we did go to a birthday party this evening and Eric is watching a Red Box movie (I was having a blast playing word mole until Eric's phone died).

1.  As we were talking about planting a garden today at lunch, Eric suggested we plant cucumbers.  Jack got all excited and said, "We'll put them in our ears!"  What, that doesn't make any sense.  So, we asked him to explain.  "You know, cucumbers to clean your ears out."  "You mean, q-tips?!"  "Oh, is that what they're called?"

Do we not give him enough of a variety in food?

2.  Meets his teacher on Thursday and starts preschool the Tuesday after Labor Day!  He goes from 9-2:30!  What are we going to do without him all day?!

1.  Where do I start?  This one is something else!  But I love her.  She is starting to like things her way and if you don't cooperate, she yells and maybe take a swing.  At Will she goes, "William Michael, no sir!!!"  And poor Jack got whacked in the face with his trains tonight because she wanted him to share with her!  Snaps to Jack for not swinging back at her!

2.  She is going through a growth spurt, she is eating everything, sleeping crazy hours...taking a 2 hour nap one morning and then a 3 hour nap that same afternoon!

3.  We went to Toys R Us today and the boys and girls separated to look at their own things.  Molly and I had so much fun looking at Barbies, baby dolls, and Tinker Belle (she thinks all princesses are Tinker Belle).  She has a list a mile long of what she needs.  There is a mini-van for her doll house which she picked up and said, "I go buy this, Molly needs for her doll house."

1.  Has cried every time he goes to the nursery at church for the past 2 months, meaning Eric or I have to go get him in the middle of church.  Screaming comes from the nursery, always him, but he starts smiling and laughing once he's in our arms.

2.  Pulling up on EVERYTHING!  Doors, people, couches, TV stand, dressers, and if it's not bolted down, he will tip over with it!  So far the oven door, kitchen trash can, and several chairs have all crashed on top of him.  He cries, but goes right back!

3.  Who needs a vacuum when Will's around?!  He eats everything off the floor, he's almost like our own dog minus the hair shedding!  But yuck!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Come on Mom!

Today while grocery shopping with my three kids (what was I thinking?!), we were walking down the produce aisle, everyone was peaceful in the cart built for THREE KIDS!   I know, what an invention!  I go to get one onion and all the onions come rolling down.  It was so embarrassing!  Onions were everywhere, all over the aisle, under our cart, and I threw myself on top of the rest of the onions to keep them from falling.  A guy behind me just started laughing, while picking up the onions.  That is when my kids lost it!  Will started crying, Molly and Jack started kicking each other...why?!!
After all the onions were put away and I put my one onion in the cart, I needed a few tomatoes.  What happens?  The tomatoes come rolling down!  Not thousands like the onions, but a few hundred.  Jack goes, "Come on Mom!!"  Like Mom, why are you such a klutz, making a mess in the grocery...all I want is a tortilla.  Thank you, Jack.  I pick up the hundreds of tomatoes, with the same man who laughed at me about the onions.  The sweet man told  me, "I've never seen this ever happen!"  Same here!!  What an experience!  What a day!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cowboys and Cowgirls

Before our jaunt to Kansas City last month, we went boot and weed eater shopping.  Every Texan needs a good, sturdy pair of boots for doing cowboy things.  You know, for the ranch or working in the fields.  We have neither but we did go to the Houston Rodeo this year, which was a blast!  Anyway, the kids had a great time trying on boots and Eric bought a pair of really cool boots, he looks super cute in them!  He also needed a new weed eater and heard there were some great deals at the John Deere dealer in Katy.  I think he wanted to check out all the cool toys and tools!
We also went to the John Deere dealer in Katy, Eric was looking for a certain brand of a weed eater.  While he scoured the store, we had fun with the riding lawn mowers and tractors!

Such a big boy!!  He really wanted the camera!

So much fun!!

We want Santa to bring this for Christmas!!!  Or some grandparents!!

He had so much fun!

Love her!

His new favorite color is green and now he wants green boots!

I love her pose!  

Checking herself out in the mirror...I love his smile!!