Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You always need to wipe!

A very true and real conversation I had with my four year old today during our afternoon snack.  He currently finds everything with farting, peeing, and pooping HILARIOUS!

"Mom, I went poop during nap time." (Or rest time or play time in my room for him)
"Oh, good job bud!  Did you need help wiping?"
"No, it wasn't a very big poop.  You only wipe when it's really big."
"Wait, you didn't wipe after you pooped?  GO RIGHT NOW TO WIPE!!!"  (My voice gradually rising!)
"But Mom, you only wipe when it's big and it wasn't BIG!!  IT WAS SMALL!!"  (His voice gradually rising!)
"You always need to wipe after you poop.  No matter how big or small.  Now go wipe, please."  (What a great way to teach manners!)
"Mommy, it was so small and it didn't make many noises.  When I have a big poop, it sounds like this..."(insert farting noises and laughing from 4 year old).....still laughing....oh, more farting noises...wait, laughing now from the 4 year old and 9 month old (he's so innocent and is going to be corrupted!)
"Go, go, right now and wipe.  NOW!!!"

He goes to wipe, showing me there isn't anything to wipe and comes back to the kitchen table.  He continues eating as if nothing has happened.

"So, did you wash your hands after you wiped?"
"I don't need to, the poop was small and there wasn't much on the toilet paper."

I almost threw him out the window, but don't worry, I didn't.  I took several deep breaths and instead we had a very similar conversation as the above, except it was about hand washing.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kansas City....Kansas City, here we come....or leave

The first 10 days of July were spent in glorious Kansas!!  We had a wonderful time with family and friends!  The kids were spoiled rotten by their Papa and Grandma, Boppi and Grandma, and tons of aunts and uncles!  Eric and I were spoiled too, we took long naps everyday, ate out WITHOUT CHILDREN for several meals, had our laundry washed, and three happy children!  And, can was say Bar-B-Que?  Cheesy Corn Bake from Jack Stack is to DIE for!!  It will be at my last meal, if I get the choice!!  We are happy to be in home in lovely Texas, but there is something about going home!

In the neighborhood 4th of July parade, right in front of Papa and Grandma's house!  That's one nice looking family!  

Playing at the Clifford Exhibit at Crown Center!  We love Clifford!!

Someone found a new favorite restaurant!!  We love Fritz's!!  

In front of the Crown Center waterfalls!  Loved coming here as a kid!!  

He was sad to be the only member of Boppi's Gang without sunglasses.  

Eating lunch at Red Robin with Great Grandma Nita!!

At Deanna Rose Farmstead with Boppi and Grandma!  We loved milking the cows and riding on the tractors!

At the Natural History Museum on the KU campus.  We went there while we waited to eat lunch with Uncle Todd!  We ate with him at Quinton's!  YUMMY!!

In front of Strong Hall on the KU campus!  We love KU!!!

Loving our Jayhawks!!

Riding on the Blueberry Train while picking blueberries with Grandma!  
She was more interested in eating the blueberries
Someone learned how to pull himself up while on our little trip!  He is so SUPER proud of himself!!