Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer, Summertime...

This is truly my favorite time of year, at least one of them!  Hot weather, at the pool almost daily, ice cream treats to keep cook, yummy drinks, and sun dresses with flip flops!  Love it!  I also love that we don't have anything we have to do, it's fun hearing what these kids come up with!  Yesterday during adult swim  at the pool, the kids and I were hanging out on a lawn chair all snuggled under our towels.  It made me really appreciate my time home with them!  I truly love being a mom!!

Jack had two weeks of swimming lessons and loved, loved, LOVED them!  Mr. Hector was his swimming instructor and looks just like Vinny from Jersey Shore.  Everyday we went and Jack really improved on his swimming and now jumps right into the pool with zero hesitation.  Molly believes she also took swimming lessons and tries to do everything Jack does, such as blow bubbles (she has swallowed at least a gallon of pool water this week), jump into the pool (has huge bruises on her bottom because she jumps up and not out and has landed on the edge of the pool too many times), and floats (while swallowing water).  We're signing him up for another two week session in July, he is so excited!  He asks daily what time we go to swimming lessons. Stop asking!

Last week Jack also had Vacation Bible School and he LOVED it!  He was in the same class as his friends Will and Jeremy!  From 8:45 to 12:30, he sang, danced, played, and learned about Jesus, what a great week for a 4 year old!  Of course, 4:00 swimming lesson came very soon in the afternoon, so by Friday at 4:30, he was exhausted!  I swear I will never again schedule our kids for more than one activity at a time if I can, it was way to much for all of us!  Back to VBS, Jack and Molly are so excited because Molly will go next year when she turns 3!  It's as if I said Santa was eating breakfast with us tomorrow morning, they were so excited when I told them that!

While running errands last week with Molly and Will during VBS, I heard a voice in the backseat that I had never heard before.  It sounded like one of the kid toys from the happy meals, it kept repeating itself over and over again.  At a stop light, I turned off the radio and sat there listening, Will and Molly were silent, so I figured it was a toy and I would get it at our next stop.  Well, I tore the car apart looking for a toy that talks.  Nothing, there were no toys that made any sounds in my car, I thought I was going crazy!!  So, we get back in the car and I hear it again and I ask Molly who is talking.  "Will, it's baby Will!"  And it was him!  He was speaking his baby babbling that sounded like a happy meal toy and I had never heard him talk so much!  I am a little embarrassed that I thought he was a toy and I searched my car for so long, but it's not the last time!


  1. You are such an amazing mom... and funny too!

  2. You're so sweet!! Thanks for the sweet words!!


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