Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer, Summertime...

This is truly my favorite time of year, at least one of them!  Hot weather, at the pool almost daily, ice cream treats to keep cook, yummy drinks, and sun dresses with flip flops!  Love it!  I also love that we don't have anything we have to do, it's fun hearing what these kids come up with!  Yesterday during adult swim  at the pool, the kids and I were hanging out on a lawn chair all snuggled under our towels.  It made me really appreciate my time home with them!  I truly love being a mom!!

Jack had two weeks of swimming lessons and loved, loved, LOVED them!  Mr. Hector was his swimming instructor and looks just like Vinny from Jersey Shore.  Everyday we went and Jack really improved on his swimming and now jumps right into the pool with zero hesitation.  Molly believes she also took swimming lessons and tries to do everything Jack does, such as blow bubbles (she has swallowed at least a gallon of pool water this week), jump into the pool (has huge bruises on her bottom because she jumps up and not out and has landed on the edge of the pool too many times), and floats (while swallowing water).  We're signing him up for another two week session in July, he is so excited!  He asks daily what time we go to swimming lessons. Stop asking!

Last week Jack also had Vacation Bible School and he LOVED it!  He was in the same class as his friends Will and Jeremy!  From 8:45 to 12:30, he sang, danced, played, and learned about Jesus, what a great week for a 4 year old!  Of course, 4:00 swimming lesson came very soon in the afternoon, so by Friday at 4:30, he was exhausted!  I swear I will never again schedule our kids for more than one activity at a time if I can, it was way to much for all of us!  Back to VBS, Jack and Molly are so excited because Molly will go next year when she turns 3!  It's as if I said Santa was eating breakfast with us tomorrow morning, they were so excited when I told them that!

While running errands last week with Molly and Will during VBS, I heard a voice in the backseat that I had never heard before.  It sounded like one of the kid toys from the happy meals, it kept repeating itself over and over again.  At a stop light, I turned off the radio and sat there listening, Will and Molly were silent, so I figured it was a toy and I would get it at our next stop.  Well, I tore the car apart looking for a toy that talks.  Nothing, there were no toys that made any sounds in my car, I thought I was going crazy!!  So, we get back in the car and I hear it again and I ask Molly who is talking.  "Will, it's baby Will!"  And it was him!  He was speaking his baby babbling that sounded like a happy meal toy and I had never heard him talk so much!  I am a little embarrassed that I thought he was a toy and I searched my car for so long, but it's not the last time!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Five Years Ago...

Eric and I became Mr. and Mrs.!  Wow!  A lot has happened and changed in those five years, but I love our life and everything God has given us!  We're celebrating by getting Outback to go (yum) and watching our wedding video!

We've had a fun week over here at our house, Molly has been accident free for three days!  Yea Molly!  Of course, now she'll have a ton of accidents because I'm bragging about her!  Go figure!  She is such a big girl and loves pulling down her pants to show off her "pretty underwear."  She also loves playing in Will's saucer, it's her new favorite toy!

Will is saying "Dada!"  His little voice is so cute and precious!  He is doing the military crawl and getting faster by the second!  He started eating Cheerios and he tried grapes today with mixed reviews.  Will is also waving hi and bye-bye and clapping!  I love him!
Mr. Baseball himself finished his T-Ball season doing so awesome!  He loved playing and wants to play again!  We had his Red Sox team party on Saturday where he earned his trophy and enjoyed eating with his teammates!  On Monday, he started swimming lessons at the Houston Swim Club!  He is doing so great, I'm so proud of him!  I was worried he was too old, but he is at the perfect age and this is the right time for Jack! Next week, Vacation Bible School and swimming lessons, whew!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You can't make this up

I don't know who these kids belong to, but they are crazy!  Summer means no preschool, less structure and HOT, HUMID days!!  We've been going swimming and taking early morning walks, we try to do something everyday to keep busy.  With that said, they know...they know we're not as busy as we once were.  No, but 4 pm, Jack and Molly are running all over the house acting like crazy kids!  Their new game is chase, where they chase each other all over the house.  Or wrestle, where they wrestle all over the house.  Molly is one strong cookie, she pins down Jack all the time!  To keep them preoccupied, Jack started swimming lessons on Monday at 4 pm.  He's going everyday for the next two weeks and so far is doing so great!!  He's learning how to swim, having fun, and excited about going!  The problem is I have to entertain Molly and Will in a little waiting room during the 30 minute lesson. I bring snacks, sippy cups, toys, books, crayons. and everything works for the first 20 minutes.  Then, Molly wants to run around or Will starts to fuss or Molly has to go potty...I'm exhausted!  After Jack's lesson, there is a mob scene trying to find your child and everyone crowds around the door waiting to dry off their kid the second they get out of the pool.  Then, there is a mad dash to the showers and changing rooms, as if a little chlorine is going to kill their kid.  I've seen pushing going on between the mom's trying to get a changing room.  I simply dry Jack off and have him wear his trunks home...if he really wanted to change, I'll do it in the car.  Not thanks!  By 4:30, I need to get out and so do Will and Molly!  On Jack's first day of lessons, Molly had a total meltdown at the end of the lessons and refused to walk.  I was pushing Will in the stroller and she wanted me to carry her, "Carry you, Mommy, carry you."  I had to dry Jack off and help him at least put on his crocs, but first I had to find him through the swarm of mom's, strollers, and kids.  I put her down once we find Jack and dry him off, the whole time Molly is SCREAMING and CRYING as if her foot fell off.  So, what do I do?  I pick her up, push the stroller, have Jack hold onto the stroller and leave.  
Speaking of screaming in public, Jack did almost the same thing at HEB a few weeks ago.  We had a lovely shopping experience at the local grocery store, Molly and Will were riding nicely in the cart, Jack was holding onto the side of the cart, everyone had a balloon (except Will, he eats them) and tortillas.  I thought, success!! We are going to the check-out and Jack loves going to number 6, don't ask me why.  Well, number 6 had a very long line but number 5 didn't, so we went that way except there was resistance coming from Jack's side of the cart.  What was he doing?  Pulling the cart to check-out 6, duh.  I took his hand, pulled the cart to number 5 and started unloading the cart.  First came tears, then stomping of the feet, and "I'm mad, Mommy, I want 6" in his best outdoor voice.  Will and Molly got stickers from the bagger and Jack looked at the bagger and screamed when he was asked he wanted a sticker.  Classy there Jack.  So, we're walking to the door and at the top of his lungs, Jack lets out an ear piercing scream that makes everyone in every check-out aisle stop whatever they are doing and stare at us.  Awesome!  I just keep on walking to the door, Jack trailing behind me.  Will looked at him like he was CRAZY!  Of course, when we get to the door, Jack screams one more time, and Will started crying.  
One last tidbit, Molly is potty trained, yeah!!  We still have a few accidents with the number 2, so we're working on it.  I keep telling her poop goes in the potty, all day...I think I say it in my sleep too.  Anyway, after an accident the other day, I was feeling defeated and frustrated with the poop.  The whole reason we started this potty training business was because of the poop!!  I go to her and say, "Poop goes in the ....."  and Molly replies "laundry basket!!"