Monday, May 10, 2010

Potty Time?!

So, this weekend, Molly decided that she didn't like having a wet all. Every time she peed a tiny bit, she would tell she was wet and needed a new diaper. At Jack's t-ball game on Saturday, she kept grabbing herself (down there) and I started to worry that she had an infection of some sort. No, she was wet. Hmm...time to potty train? She started going on her Elmo potty last week a few days, but took a few days off too. I decided not to push it because if you push Molly into anything, she'll regress. Molly time is the name of her game and has been her whole life!! On Sunday, she pooped and freaked out!! She kept saying "Molly poop in diaper!!" As I'm going upstairs to get her a new diaper, I see a trail leading from our bedroom into the kitchen. A poop trail. She had taken off her diaper and the poop led from our bedroom floor through the family room to the kitchen trash can. I asked her where her diaper went and she said, "All gone!" I'm thinking it's a sign to start the potty training, I hope we can all do this!! Wish us luck!!


  1. Oh Molly is getting so big! It's hard to believe the last time we saw her she was a newborn! Can't wait to see you guys this summer!

  2. Wait, we haven't seen you since we moved? We have to see you guys in July!


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