Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello, Spits!!

Will has a new game...spitting! All the time! In the car, every meal, getting a new diaper, he spits! Super fun! It's like he's blowing raspberries, but with extra drool and saliva. The best is when we arrive at preschool and he's covered in spit, oh and Jack and Molly are too because they think it's super fun to spit right along with him. No, wait, the best is when I'm feeding him oatmeal or squash and he spits it back at me!! Sometimes, when he sees the spoon, he'll just start spitting for the fun of it!! My favorite is when I give him medicine! He sees the medicine dropper and starts spitting and blowing raspberries...he HATES medicine!! First he blows the raspberries, spits, and then gags on the medicine and most of it ends up dripping down his face to the fat creases around his neck. Fun!
Of course, he spits up too! Today, we're leaving church and he spits up oatmeal from breakfast, which he had eaten two hours before. He seems to prefer to spit up when we're leaving, usually on the carpet when I'm picking up my purse, putting on my flip flops, or carrying a million things, plus Will. I've learned not to bend over (bad for my back and doesn't help the baby pouch), so I do lunges to pick up my things while carrying Will and running out the door. But no matter the position I use to pick up things and go, he LOVES to spit up and 9 times out of 10, I have baby spit up all over me dropping Jack off at preschool!! The best is when I don't know there is baby spit up on me and someone tells me about it or I smell it! Yummy!!
So, now when Will spits or spits up, we say, "Hello, Spits!" It suits our little buddy and his lovely spitting habit!!

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