Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank God for a new day!

So, the past few weeks have been very bumpy for our family and at the end of almost everyday I say to myself, "Thank God for a new day!" It's not like things are horrible with us, but we have a lot of friends experiencing hard times and causing us (let's be honest, me) to get a little to emotionally involved. Plus, our kids...I love them, but they drive me crazy!

To begin with, but not getting into too many details, in the matter of the first two weeks of April, we've have two separate friends of ours have major life altering events happen in their lives. One couple lost their baby while she was 5 months pregnant, her two daughters are close in age to Jack and Molly and their new baby was a boy, such a sad lost. While our other friends are having marital problems, the husband is having an affair on his wife and she lost her father in February. A lot going on in the first few weeks and I, of course, put myself in their shoes and try to relate to them but have been ending up just feeling really sad. Me being sad has been hard on everyone, because I can get a little snappy. Sigh. I'm really trying hard to not let these things affect our lives, our marriage, our children, and I'm trying my best to maintain my happy, pleasant self! And that is why I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day and THANK YOU GOD for it!!

On to a new topic...ALLERGIES! I HATE THEM! I don't have them myself, but Jack and Molly are miserable!! Molly has had a persistent cough for 2 months and the pediatrician says it's allergies. That is no help, thank you. Jack on the other hand looks close to death. He has dark circles under his eyes, nose is constantly running, and the second he walks outside, he scratches his whole body. Want to know what he sounds like?! A barking seal and that is not an exaggeration. The poor thing! We've been to the doctor twice in a week, Molly has a sinus infection and Jack has a double ear infection. Molly also has a high fever today, awesome. Will is fine and let's keep it that way! I'm taking Jack to an allergist next week and praying that we find something that works for him. I feel so bad for him! Molly doesn't seem as bad as Jack, so we're holding off on taking her.

OK! Bye!

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