Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wow, March is over...

So...March has apparently been busy for us! Let's do it!!

The first of March brought Will turning 5 months and a joy of eating food! He has so far eaten avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, zucchini, prunes, applesauce, peas, green beans, and peaches. I'm trying to make my own baby food and it's pretty easy! We're trying plums tonight! He's also so close to sitting up on his own!

Molly started gymnastics every Wednesday in March and she LOVED it!! Her favorite was the trampoline, the big pit of foam blocks, and getting stamps on her hands, feet and tummy!

As a family, we went sailing in the Gulf of Mexico with our friends the Leicht's one Sunday afternoon! My friend Sherri's in-laws live on the Gulf and own a sailboat, so we drove about an hour southwest to Kemah, Texas and went sailing for a few hours with her family! SO MUCH FUN and SUPER RELAXING!! It was great and the kids loved it! Jack got a little seasick at the end (luckily Capri Sun's are clear!), but he still had a great time!

That leads us up to Spring Break, Jack was out of preschool for the week, so we kept busy by going to the zoo, several parks, and eating lunch with our friends at our favorite restaurant, Clay's. It was a fun week seeing our friends almost daily, but we missed our daily routine!

The last weekend of March was Jack's birthday party!! It was held on Sunday afternoon at the same gymnastics place where Molly takes her class! Jack and 9 of his closest friends, sister included, played for an hour with their coach! They jumped on the trampoline, climbed the "mountain" which is a huge indoor playground, and jumped in the pit of foam blocks! It was the easiest party...ever!! I made a train cake and I'm VERY proud of it! We did cake and ice cream and then he opened his presents! The coach that helped us the entire party did everything! She was great!
On Monday, Jack's actual birthday, he brought treats to preschool and we decorated his door with streamers! For dinner, he choose Chick-fil-a for dinner, a very special treat for all of us!
I can't believe he's 4!! His new request before bedtime is for Eric or I to tell him about when he was a baby or he wants to look at pictures from when he was a baby! It goes so fast!
I promise for more posts in much fun stuff to come! Easter, swimming lessons for Jack, Will turns 6 months, and hopefully a trip to take pictures in the Blue Bonnets!

Happy Easter!

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