Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So, I just read my last post and I have to apologize! I went a little crazy there at the end, I'm so sorry!! But, truthfully, it was all true and I have no regrets!!

A quick little update...

*Molly had her first mommy and me gymnastics class this morning and LOVED it!! That girl has zero fear! She went running at full speed to the pit with all the foam blocks and jumped in so fast, laughing the whole way!! A very special treat to our special girl, she was in HEAVEN!!
*Will turns 4 months tomorrow! How?!!! Why?!!! It's going so fast!! I'll post 4 month pictures and his stats from the doctor after his appointment on Friday!
*Will is laughing (A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!!!!!!)
*Will is rolling in all directions, but has forgotten how to roll from his tummy to back. He just panics after awhile and won't roll over! Last night, he woke himself up because he rolled on his tummy and panicked!!
*Jack is going to play t-ball this spring!!
*I'm enrolling Jack in our church preschool, with enrollment starting next week. Cross your fingers, toes and say a prayer that we get's a little tough! We love his current preschool but want to go to our church. We'll find out on the 17th!

Last, but not least, two updates!!!
1. The size 6's fit!! Good-bye 8's!!!!
2. The mustache is disappearing! It's not hair, it's darken skin on my upper lip but it's slowly fading! Eric told me last night he couldn't see it and he is by far my most critical critic!


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