Friday, February 26, 2010


is our one and only daughter, which will most likely stay that way!

turned 2 on Sunday and I'm still recovering from the shock that she is now 2!

is our little girl who is no longer a baby and that makes me sad at how fast she has grown up!

is in the 8% for weight, her highest percentile ever for weight, and is in the 85% for height! Wow!

LOVES her blanket, and is so adorable carrying it around with her! She actually stood at the dryer the other day waiting for it to dry!

has a new favorite activity is playing with water in the sink and making the biggest mess possible! She goes running towards any sound of water running!

loves to load and unload the dishwasher! She is our big helper and does a great job putting away the silverware!

enjoys sitting on anything, the table in the kitchen, arm of the couch, Will's swing, Will, any one's head if they're laying down, she seems very comfortable any where!

has curly hair on the bottom, and long, straight hair on the top of her head. It's so beautiful and I love putting her bows in her hair everyday!
has reached the age where some might call it "The Terrible Twos." I try to have a more positive outlook on life and I just call this age a challenge but still fun! We're working through the challenges Molly and her brothers give us daily, she just seems to give us a few more challenges than her brothers!

is such a great talker, I love her voice and our conversations! Her new thing to say is, "Mommy, it's OK." It's adorable!

is very shy and doesn't talk much except when she is at home. Once she is comfortable with the people, she's talkative self, but it takes time! It's so funny seeing her be shy when I know how she is at home! Not surprising, her mommy and daddy are exactly the same way!

loves to say "Ta da!"

must bring a purse with her whenever we go in the car, some items found in her purse are: a phone, (fake) money, a bracelet or five, a book, lipstick (also fake), bow, snack, light stick, Kleenex, keys, and a CD.

is a great little sister who loves her big brother more than he will ever know! She wants to do everything he does and more, as long as she can be with him!

is a great big sister and loves helping with her little brother, especially with tummy time! She picks out his diapers every diaper change and loves playing in his crib!

loves to read! Her favorites are Goodnight Moon, Mommy Hugs, Daddy Hugs, and Playful Little Puppies to name a few!

loves to sing and dance, but gets embarrassed if we're watching, unless Jack is with her!

is not a picky eater, but is at the stage of spitting out food, throwing food, or spitting out our food and then throwing it. This is a very good example of a challenge!

is so smart! She has a wonderful memory, knows how to sing her ABC's, and counts to 10 (a few numbers are randomly missing each time, but knows her number up to 10)!

is sleeping in her big girl bed and loving it, especially jumping on it!

loves polka dots, hence the polka dot birthday party!
is so loved and we are so blessed to have her with us!!

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