Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why is it so cold?!!

I know it's January, but really, we're in southern Texas! The average highs are in the lower 70's this time of year! Last nights low was 19...19 degrees!! I'm so not a winter person and will never complain about humidity ever again! We even had snow last month! Here are some pictures from that...

Molly enjoying the first few snowflakes while Jack was in preschool

Once Jack got home, there was more snow! They loved the snow but weren't quite sure what to do with it!

Notice she is wearing a long sleeve shirt, sweater and jacket...doesn't have a winter coat!

So, since it's been pretty chilly, we've been doing a lot of indoor stuff such as Pump it Up, play groups, and playing with our new toys from Santa. One morning when Daddy was home and I slept in, this is what I woke up to...

This is the former guest room, going to be Molly's room but is actually Will's room. We were storing all of our games in the closet and two children decided to play with ALL the games one morning while Daddy cleaned their bathroom.

It was a lot of fun cleaning up!


  1. Molly looks very pleased with the mess she made :) Where is Jack? Was he hiding because he knew he was in trouble? Some games look like Jack and Molly would not understand them. Did you get Connect Four after Jack had such fun playing it at Grandma and Papa's house last May?

  2. He was downstairs picking up the things he threw over the ledge down to the foyer. Most of those games are not suitable for them, which made it fun for them to play with! I got Eric Connect Four for Christmas one year before we had kids, but he loves to play! I'll keep posting, thanks for reading Rebecca!!


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