Thursday, January 21, 2010

I need to vent...

There are a few things I need to talk about but you can't just randomly bring it up in a conversation without grossing someone out or totally offending them. So, this is the perfect spot to let my frustrations out because no one reads this and it's easier for me to type than write in my journal (yes, I have one but I haven't written in it for months). I'm going to get a little personal, just to warn you!

Also, please don't take personal offense and get all mad about things I'm writing...thanks!

1. I can provide about 3 or 4 wigs a day at the rate my hair is falling out. I have the most ginormous hair balls I have ever seen. Plus, everywhere I go, my hair is laying around! On Will, in his crib, on Molly's car seat, in between Will's toes (how?!), EVERYWHERE!
2. I'm not pregnant, I'm not wanting to get pregnant, and just because I have exciting news (Jordan and Jeff are going on the Amazing Race) doesn't mean I'm pregnant! It's annoying!!
3. Also, stop telling me I'm going to get pregnant this year, I'm NOT!! Eric and I are not rabbits! We do have self-control! Just because I've been pregnant or nursing or pregnant and nursing the past 4 years doesn't mean this year will be included! STOP!!!!!
4. I still have my mustache and I'm not happy about it.
5. My size 8 jeans are too big but my size 6 jeans give me a muffin top and are so TIGHT!! So, do I wear my size 8 jeans that practically fall down or have a muffin top? So annoying!
6. I still have 15 pounds left to lose of baby weight and I have ZERO motivation. I have every excuse in the world to not exercise and yet I wonder why the size 6 jeans don't fit. It's just so annoying when I weigh myself and the scale is the same as it was 2 months ago or on a lucky day it shows I've gained 5 pounds. I love those days!
7. I LOVE my black yoga pants!
8. I love that it is January 21st and I'm wearing flip flops!
9. Had to put in a few positives, it's not like me to be so negative! By the way, I love lists!
10. Why do people think they are entitled to things? You're not, by the way!
11. I'm wearing my moby wrap and here are some answers to questions I frequently get...a)yes there is a baby in there b)you can order it online c)Yes, he can breath d)why are you staring at me?!(so not a question, just my reaction to people staring at me!!!!) e)no, it doesn't hurt my back! f)it is easy to put on g)I like the color black and it goes with everything I own...yes I have brown stuff too but I try not to wear brown on days I know I'm wearing my wrap (why are you so concerned about my wardrobe?!!!!) h)no, I'M NOT PREGNANT! There is a baby in there!
12. Please don't give me advice on how to discipline my children. I know I'm not a perfect mom and I don't have perfect children, but I think I'm doing OK. Don't brag about how good your kids are and how everyone tells you how wonderful your kids are and so good when behind your back they are getting into all sorts of trouble! No! Don't tell me to let my kids fight out their problems, or say your kids NEVER did this or that! It is normal for an almost 4 year old to still nap or throw a fit, and normal for an almost 2 year old to not eat all the time or scream at the top of her lungs because she wants to! And yes, babies fight sleep, why are there so many books out there on sleep training and EXHAUSTED mothers?!!! You can't spoil a baby by holding him and pacifiers are a good thing! OK?!!!
13. I take things way too personal, so when you give me this advice, I feel like I'm not being a good mother. I only like to hear the positives because I can also be sensitive. Tears come very easily after "advice" is given on my children.
Wow, I feel awesome now! Thanks for listening!!

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  1. Liz! I read your blog!

    My hair is still falling out also. It has gotten so bad that I had to get a haircut to try and cover the bald spots in the front!

    Honey I think it's time to get some hair bleach or remover. It's really easy! I think the pregnancy fairy is a bitch who drops off this crap and it's not fair!

    I'm pretty sure I live in sweat pants or yoga pants. And I want to hit you for being able to wear flip flops!

    I wish I could fit into size 8 jeans. I will not post what size I'm wearing. Jealous!

    I love my Moby wrap and don't know how I got along without it before. Cam is now facing outwards so I don't get the crazy looks anymore!

    I think you do a great job raising you kids and if anyone tells you differently you send them my way and I'll kick their butts!

    Love ya and miss ya lots!


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