Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's not easy being a mother of 3 children ages 3, 1 and 3 months, but I'm doing it! We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years, but now, back to reality! Jack starts back to preschool tomorrow and the decorations are put away. But what is the start of a New Year without a resolution or two! By the way, pictures will be posted but you know how I am with pictures on here...maybe that should be one of my resolutions, but more computer savvy!


1. Sleep more! He's a poor little baby who just loves to cuddle with his mommy! Mommy is a little tired though! We had him "cry it out" a few nights ago and he is sleeping so wonderfully! He is officially in his room and sleeping a whole lot more than ever in his short life!
2. Growing into a healthy and happy little boy! He's starting to look less like a newborn and more like a baby, still losing the hair but getting chubby cheeks and thighs, I want to squeeze him!! He is rolling over and smiling, we're working on more tummy time and Jack wants him to crawl...be prepare for what you wish for Jack!
3. Continue being one of the cutest baby's in the world!! His smile melts my heart!!

1. To do EVERYTHING her older brother does, including jumping off the stairs, standing up to pee at the toilet, playing with trucks and firetrucks (yes she has baby dolls and a doll house, plus purses and dress up clothes), refuse a sippy cup but then blows bubbles with her straw, havscreaming wars with her older brother at the table or in front of Will's room, all because she cane !
2. Be more independent because she isn't all ready. She now wants to dress herself, undress herself, take off her diaper, put on her own shoes and coat, sad part is she can't do any of these things. By golly she tries as hard as she can!! She is getting great at doing puzzles on her own!!
And yes, that is Jack's underwear she is wearing!

3. Be Mommy's little helper, see number 2. She loves to help load and unload the dishwasher, switch the laundry and fold the clothes, pick out her clothes and bow (usually don't match), I could go on! She loves to help with her baby brother and every chance she gets, she rides in the baby swing as soon as he gets out, "Help Mommy!"
4. Be happy! She is so happy and loves to love! She is such a cuddler now, she just sits on my lap and snuggles with me! She loves being silly and having us laugh at her, she'll just laugh with us!

1. Become more and more like Daddy! He is a mini-Eric to a tee! "I want to help my dad!" If it's not mowing or raking the yard, it's using his "tools" to "fix" things around the house! They also dress alike! SO CUTE! They will both wear green t-shirts with jeans and tennis shoes! Sometimes I can get Jack to spike his hair like daddy's!
2. Remind us that he is still a little boy! It's hard to remember that he is only 3 and still need the love and hugs that Molly and Will need! We do put a lot of responsibility and ask him to help us with things that some 3 year olds never do. Like get us wipes or act like a big boy instead of whining...it's hard being the oldest sometimes!
3. Love life! He has the laugh that is so contagious and sweet, so many wonderful things make him happy and he's at such a fun age! We joke with him and he actually gets it!

1. Be more patient...they are only kids! How do they know not to put toothpaste all over the bathroom sink while I'm changing Will's diaper (Molly)? I am so thankful to be home with them and I need to enjoy it more!!!
2. Take some mommy time and work out!! I have a few pounds I need to lose (try 15 or 20 if I'm really motivated!) and have ZERO desire to workout! Truthfully, I need to just stop eating Rollo's for lunch and the food off my kids plates, which is my lunch. Wonder why I'm hungry by 3pm? So, no more eating off my kids plates and work out...simple enough!!

1. Not quite sure what his are, but if had to pick a few here they are!! Paint some rooms in our house (hint, hint). What a fun winter project!! Let's start with the dining room!!
2. Workout with his wife! Sounds fun too! We've been talking the talk, let's walk the walk!!
3. Continue being the best Husband and Daddy to all of us!!

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