Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas pictures!!!

We're a little backwards on these today, my fault! So, kids playing first thing with their Santa toys are at the end!

Molly loving her toy car...LOVES it!!

"Bike, Papa!"

Aunt Katie and Uncle Todd

"Do, Do, Do, Dora! Backpack, Mommy, Backpack!!!"

Our crazy house when Papa and Grandma arrived Christmas morning! It was so fun having them here with us!

Loving our new train table!!

Still playing with the train table!!

New Dora Bike! Did we mention she likes Dora?!!

Such a big girl! Notice Jack's bike in the background, he was too busy playing with the train table...of course!! He told Santa that his blue bike from last year broke and Santa needed to bring him a bigger blue bike this year.

After putting everything together!! Thanks Papa, Aunt Katie and Uncle Todd for helping us!!

What a great day and so many wonderful memories!!
You might ask yourself...where is Baby Will? Um, yeah, so no pictures of him on Christmas. He must have been sleeping all day? Don't ask me why there are no pictures, I'm a horrible mom!! We'll take tons next year!

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