Friday, December 24, 2010

A few of our favorite things...

I finally got around to watching Oprah's Favorite Things show, with her wonderful gifts and reading my friends blog, The Barkers, I am inspired to list My Favorite Things.  Where would our life be without these wonderful and sometimes "why didn't I think of that?" things!

1.  DVR:  Really?  That's number 1?  Yes, OK!  Not only can I watch The Real Housewives or Top Chef whenever I want to, but I was able to record every Christmas show for my children and all of Eric's Top Gear or Junior VS. Senior.  It's amazing to turn on a show for my children at "the piranha" hour of 5 o'clock and 2 of the 3 children are suddenly calm.

2.  Blankets.  Molly LOVES her green "blankety,"  Jack loves to cuddle under the covers, and Will likes to sleep on top of all blankets.  When they are awake, they all love to snuggle with their blankets and it's adorable!

3.  Wipes, Kleenex and toilet paper:  Besides the obvious uses, I use wipes for a thousand and one things and don't know what I would do with all!

4.  Hand Sanitizer:  Kids are gross and go to gross, dirty places and hand sanitizer works miracles, miracles I say!

5.  Kindermusik with Kathy and Friends:  We've been attending the classes this past fall and my kids LOVE the music, activities and Ms. Kathy!  The musical instruments, stories, Open House have all been wonderful and my children LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going each week to see Ms. Kathy and Sierra!  Molly's sweet little voice singing those songs is priceless!

6.  Diaper Cream:  Enough said!

7.  HEB:  Love this grocery store, it has everything I need and didn't know I wanted!  Will loves the fresh dumplings, all the kids love the fresh tortillas, and I love the sushi!  What a happy family!  Thank you HEB!

8.  My hair straightener and Chi products:  It might sound shallow, but do you live in Houston?  During the summer?  No?  Then you don't know how humid it gets here and how frizzy my hair gets all day everyday, except for when I use my Chi products and straightener!  Miraculous things happen!

9.  Grace Fellowship:  Not only is it our church, but also Jack's preschool.  It has brought Eric and I closer to God as a couple, turned us into regular church attenders and preschool Sunday school teachers, but we have met lifelong friends through our small group.  Jack LOVES preschool and the kids love going to their Sunday school classes!  Well, we're working on Will!  They have a wonderful mom's group called iBloom and it has helped me in so many ways as a wife, mother, friend and individual, bringing me closer to God!  Such an amazing place!

10:  Teething tablets, Motrin, ear drops, and asthma medication:  For our poor sick kids and Jack with his asthma, who knows what our kids would be like with all of these wonderful creations!

11.  Library:  Not only can you go and check out books, dvds and go to story time, you can reserve whatever book you want and not have to pay a cent for it!!  LOVE reading books, helping my children pick out books and reading to them!

12.  Flashlights:  The simplest thing my kids love!!!

13:  Our blog and Facebook:  Don't judge, but both are amazing!  I can stay in contact with friends and family who live all over the country!  I'm friends on Facebook with people I went to Kindergarten with and we actually talk and comment on each others pictures!  Love it!  I can see pictures and know what is going on with peoples lives, and they can see my kids grow up and catch a glimpse of our life!

14:  Train table:  My kids, especially the boys, love the train table they got last year for Christmas.  So simple, yet, so many possibilities of fun!

15:  Sams, Costco, Target and Wal-Mart:  All of these places can provide my family with food, medicine, clothes, toys, and joy!  I prefer Target for clothes, pharmacy (they know us all by name), and for quick trips for a few things (it's right down the street from us.  I went there twice yesterday, once for shredded potatoes and the second time for Hershey kisses).  Wal-Mart has better deals on the few food things I get there, juice, yogurt, condiments.  But Target has a better deal on dark chocolate chips, which should have their own column on my list.  Anyway, Sams and Costco made the list because we just switched over from Sams to Costco and love both places.  Just their samples alone can make a family happy!

Thank you Oprah for your inspiration, I know my list doesn't have costly things and I will not be giving anything away, unless someone wants to baby-sit our children, you can have them for a few hours, just let me know!  Hopefully next years list will include:
*A deep freezer
*A dresser for Will
*A bigger kitchen table (he has to get out of that huge high chair)

Merry Christmas to everyone!  We are so thankful for everything on our silly little list and especially our friends and family!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun times!

Us Brewers have had quite an exciting few weeks!

1.  Eric and I had a date night...on the town...with an overnight a HOTEL!!  We had a baby-sitter and no need to hurry home until lunch time Saturday!  It was wonderful to sleep in and wake up with NO ONE WAKING YOU UP!!!!

2.  The Milnes' Family visited us for a couple of days and we wished they could have stayed longer, we had so much fun with our friend Joshua!  We went to the Arboretum, Texadelphila (yum), Lupe's (double yum), and showed them a little of our life here!  Hurry back friends!

3.  We headed to Kansas for Thanksgiving and saw mainly family while we were there!  It was great seeing family members that we haven't seen in years, some of them hadn't even met some of our own...Will!  While we were there, Eric and I went out shopping with his sister Katie on Black Friday and it was my first experience ever being at a store opening!  Super crazy times!  We also went bowling with my family and we learned that Jack is a little bit of a trash talker, we were highly entertained!

4.  All of our children are going through sugar detox after returning home from a few days at Papa's and Grandmas!  They were happy and spoiled, which is what would be expected and my children are handling the detox with ease!

5.  Jack has been invited to a million (not a million, but close) birthday parties the past few weeks.  He went to one a few weeks ago and played laser tag and bowled, LOVED IT!!  Another one was this past week and had so much fun hanging out with some of his friends, and now we've been invited to THREE more this month!  His social calender is filling up! He also has his Christmas program for preschool and Christmas party on two separate days...what is it going to be like when they are all in school?  I'm starting to panic!

6.  Molly is our rising artist and loves to color!  Well, the other day, she drew all over our couch, walls, table, and some toys in our play room.  Don't know where the pen came from but she put it to good use!  I was helping Jack with his homework and she went upstairs and usually, the key word, is so good playing with her dolls.  Sigh!  Here comes the panic again!  What am I going to do when they ALL HAVE HOMEWORK??

7.  On a happier note...Will started walking tonight!  Yea!  Jack and I cheered him on while Eric and Molly went Christmas shopping!  He's growing up way too fast!  And Jack just noticed that Will has teeth and is so excited for him. I tried to tell him he has had teeth for a month or so, but Jack jumped up and down like crazy and was so happy for him!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A cute Jack conversation!

Here is an actual conversation between Jack and our baby-sitter last night:

Jack:  "Are you a mommy?"
Baby-sitter:  "No, I don't have any babies."
Jack:  "Oh, are your babies still in heaven?"
Baby-sitter:  "Yeah, I guess that's right."
Jack:  "And God is just waiting to find you a Daddy so he can put the baby in your tummy so you can be a mommy?"
Baby-sitter:  "Yeah."  (What else can she say to this?!!)
Jack:  "How old are you?"
Baby-sitter:  "24"
Jack:  "Wow!  He better hurry!"

I love him!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Molly, I love the girl and we are blessed to have her as our daughter!  What isn't to love about her?  She's funny, sweet, caring, loving, silly, a good eater sleeps great, potty trained at 2, smart, witty, I could go on!  With as much love we have for her, I'm beginning to realize the apple hasn't fallen far off the tree with me me being said tree.  The girl is a ditsy, klutzy and a little scatterbrained little girl who is just like her mother.

She trips all the time, but so do I!  She is constantly misplacing her green blankety, hair bows, shoes, silly bands (the list can go on) all of the TIME!  But, I can never find my keys, cell phone, shoes, a child now and then (only partially kidding, Will is one fast crawler!).  Asks the same questions over and over again which can drive a person bananas, but I do the same thing!  I'll ask the same questions 5 minutes after I asked it the first time and at some point when the person is answering I finish the answer because I ALL READY KNOW THE ANSWER.  I'm a good listener, but I forget.  So does Molly.  I'll even catch myself saying, "Oh yeah, I remember know."  Molly's favorite response to answers to her questions are "Why?"  Or "Oh?" And trust me, these questions both of us ask aren't about physics, NFL calls, or Aristotle, but I'm 31 and she's 2, so obviously our questions equal our age, education and all of that, but sometimes we ask totally random, dumb things.  That's OK!

I love her, love her I say!

She can be RIGHTHEREINYOURFACE and not give you any breathing room, but I do that all the time with Eric, Jack and Will.  We love to cuddle and sometimes we'll do anything to get our cuddles in, even if it means sitting on top of the person, tickling them, or wrestling them to the floor to get some love (I may or may not have done all of these things).  Sometimes she'll lie in the middle of the bathroom floor (eww), kitchen floor (eww again), or any floor and cry "I NEED LOVE!!!"  When she does this, the last thing you want to give her is love, but nothing else will work.  So, picking her up, hugging her and give her "love" is what is best for her and usually everyone giving her "love."  Now, I do NOT lie on the floor screaming I need love, but I do need love too and have a funny way of showing it, usually when I'm tired or hungry, just like Molly!

Like I said, we're blessed and love our little girl and I'm so proud of her!  Yes, we're very similar and I pray we grow together to have a healthy, honest, and wonderful mother/daughter relationship and friendship!  I love her!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One of these things is not like the other...

Ever since I was a preschool teacher a long time ago, I've had a vision of my future children and Halloween costumes.  Around 7 years ago, I was the lead teacher for a 2 1/2 year old classroom, fresh out of college and just starting my graduate certification for my elementary license.  Eric and I had been together around 8 years and living together (horrible, I know), so I knew we were going to get married someday and have children.  So, my vision was pretty realistic and doable.  The first class party was Halloween and I dress up as a pumpkin or maybe it was a farmer, not sure, and thought I was pretty cute.  Then the children arrive and I was shocked how much Halloween had changed since I last trick-or-treated.  Of course I went out in college on Halloween and dress up for date parties, but I never saw children at these events.  In my classroom, I had princesses with real sequins and wigs, ninjas, a real fire truck and fire fighter, I mean amazing things.  Then, walks in a little girl, Brooke, as a Nebraska cheerleader and her baby brother was a Nebraska football player.  ADORABLE!  Except for the Nebraska stuff.  This is where I had my vision.  My children could be cheerleaders and football players from Kansas.

Lets fast forward to November 1, 2009 when I begin to prep Jack into being a Kansas basketball player for the next Halloween.  He had just been Thomas the Tank Engine for the 2nd year in a row and I wanted my vision to become realty.  He is a man of gradual change and starting early never hurt anyone with introducing something different.  I decided basketball instead of football because 1.  We live in Texas and it's been in the 80's the past few Halloweens.  2.  Kansas football isn't very good  3. Kansas basketball is wonderful!  Go Jayhawks!

Here are the steps I took to achieve my vision:
1.  Was more shocked at how elaborate Halloween is now compared to a few years much are the Pottery Barn costumes?  Do they know Halloween is just ONE night in the year?
2.  Started prep talk with Jack November 1, 2009
3. Ordered Molly's cheerleader tutu, KU shirt, and matching bow on Etsy in July
4.  Dug out of Jack's old clothes the KU basketball jersey onesie for Will and yeah, it fit!
5. Jack plays at a friends house and when we pick him up, he's all excited about his Halloween costume.  What?  They have a KU basketball jersey and shorts in a size 5 or 5T?  Amazing!  Instead, it was a green dinosaur costume our friends son didn't want to wear for Halloween.
So, sadly my vision wasn't complete. He didn't match the family, even Eric and I dressed as KU fans.  But he stood firm and proud of his dinosaur costume and that is what he went as on Halloween while the rest of us were decked out in our KU gear!

 Rock Chalk Jayhawk, love a very devoted family from Texas and one lovable dinosaur!  Maybe next year?!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The BBQ Taste Test

This weekend we spent a lovely time in San Antonio seeing Boppi and Mema, my parents.  We pretty much ate a ton of food, walked along the River Walk, took a boat tour, and headed home.  Our kids need some time to adjust to new places and were all too excited to sleep or eat much.  We were home for half an hour and all three pooped in the comforts of their own toilets or diaper.  We love home apparently!

On our way home from San Antonio, we decided to stop for some Texas Bar-B-Que.  Now, being from Kansas City, we feel as though we are somewhat knowledgeable in the field of Bar-B-Que.  Not expert, but we know what we like.  I'm not a huge red meat person anyways, so I really don't know what I'm talking about in all honesty!  Hello Cheesy Corn Bake!  Yum!  Our friends the Redmonds wrote about their experience at Smitty's Market  and we thought we would check it out.  Smitty's Market is in Lockhart, Texas, about 17 miles off the highway and halfway between Houston and San Antonio.  Seriously, this little town has about 852 Bar-B-Que restaurants and maybe 15 people.  Serious.  What you don't realize until you get inside the building is that 1.  They smoke the meat right there, not back in the kitchen.  2.  There are open fires all over the place.  Hold onto your children!  "My face is HOT" a direct quote from Molly!  3.  No forks allowed (at least I didn't see any).  4 . No plates, only butcher paper.  If you want a to-go box, they hand you more butcher paper.  5.  They serve Blue Bell ice cream for $1 a scoop and those are some big scoops.

 I didn't think one would be hungry after consuming sausage, some brisket, some shoulder, white bread, potato salad and beans, but the 5 of us were!  Did I mention Eric bought 3 orange sodas for 4 of us to share?  Will had his water, lucky guy!  It was like drinking pure sugar, which is pretty close, I looked at the bottle and it said 51 grams of sugar!  Yuck!!!  I think the Blue Bell sent us over the edge.  Should have worn the big jeans.

So, comparisons between Kansas City and Texas Bar-B-Que.  I like the Bar-B-Que sauce in Kansas City a lot better, it could be Smitty's, but theirs was cold and just didn't do it for me.  It was good and the environment was fun, an overall fun time.  Seriously, can one really go wrong with smoked brisket?  I don't think so!

On our drive out of Lockhart, Eric started singing, "Deep in the heart of Texas."  A perfect ending to our fun little trip!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Guess what...

Eric finally, FINALLY, loaded pictures onto the computer!  Love you babe!  I'm mentally challenged in this field, so I must depend on my loving husband to do this one simple task...along with yard work and killing bugs.  So, I'm not going to "talk much" and let the pictures show what we have been doing the past few months!
We go to church!  We were actually early this particular morning!

We smile pretty for the camera!

We get ready to take Jack to his 1st day of preschool!  He loves his train nap mat!

We start our 1st day of preschool!  How is he all ready 4?!!

We eat our birthday cake and LOVE it!

Then we take a bath!
 Not much, I know, but it's after midnight and I need to get some sleep!  Plus, we have a whole 'nother camera with pictures on it too!  Go figure!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Do not come anywhere near our family!  We have all experienced a nasty stomach bug and it's not pretty.  Not saying stomach bugs usually are pretty, but this is bad.  Way bad.  Gross bad.  And just when you think it's over, it's just beginning!  

I was the first one to experience the joy on Saturday morning, following close behind me was Will.  I spent the whole day alternating between my bed and toilet.  Will had one big burst of stomach fun and was fine!  So, my sweet husband did his manly duty of caring for the kids and letting me sleep.  So sweet!  Sunday rolls around and I'm feeling better, but not 100%.  I really wanted to go to church, maybe to pray to God that I never want to go through that again, and so we went.  By the time we returned home, I felt like a bus ran me over and then a dump truck poured a ton of bricks on me.  Not good.  I thought, "Maybe going to church wasn't a great idea."  Eric and Jack went to the pumpkin patch, long story, and the other two and I take a lovely nap.  I'm was pretty sure we were in the clear.  No one else had gotten sick and everyone was eating and acting normal!  Yea!

Around 2:30, Molly wakes up SCREAMING!  I run up there and get hit by a funny smell, yep!  Molly's turn!  Poor thing, nothing stayed down and I just wanted to love on her.  It was a long afternoon and evening and by this point, I knew Jack was next.  I had that Mom feeling!  So, I positioned myself on the couch up in our playroom, ready.  At 11, Molly had her last go-round and at 11:30, Jack began!  So started a long night!  

Where, might you ask, was Eric through all of this.  Asleep.  I seem to only get a 24 hour sick leave per year.  Kidding, but really, he was asleep except when I woke him up the first time Jack got sick and Eric stood there watching me clean up Jack's bed.  Thanks Bud!  

Monday was a lazy day spent doing nothing!  Jack was excited to have a pajama party (between getting sick and sleeping he was happy), Molly loved watching Beauty and the Beast, and Will went on with his innocent little life.  I spent the day cleaning and folding mountains of laundry.  Still not 100% myself, thinking it was pure exhaustion from lack of sleep the past night.  

Tuesday, Jack goes to school and he is acting great, happy, cheerful, eating normally!  Life as we once knew, uneventful, calm.

Tuesday afternoon, pick Jack up from preschool and he's tired, grouchy, irritable.  Uh-oh.  Let's just say we had another little (OK, a lot) appearance of the "stuff" later in the afternoon.  Oh, Eric, at this point, is on his way to Austin for a meeting.  

Wednesday arrives after a normal night, early to bed for all of us, bland food for all of us, and a happy family!  I keep Jack home today and we have a nice little day.  11:23 a.m.  Eric texts me with three little words.  No, not "I love you."  or "You're the best."  "I got it."  

He's now on his way home from Austin, sick as a dog and apparently his truck isn't smelling so great.  Fun times!  Say a little pray for us, we need it!!  

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I finally figured it out!

Don't get too excited, two posts in two days, crazy!  Must have some free time!  Well, Will is napping, Jack's at a birthday party and Eric took Molly to the store, I planned on cleaning, but don't really want to!  So, thought of a cute little Will story to share because we always get asked, "What about Will?  What does he like?!"

Will is going through a rough time with separation, mainly from his beloved mama!  Today I was helping Jack get ready for the birthday party and every time I spoke he would cry, reaching out for me.  Was he with complete strangers?  No, he was with Eric.  To give Eric credit, Will was starving (STARVING!  He ate a ton of grapes, black beans, a pear, cheerios and milk for lunch) and tired and doesn't like us blocking the doorway in our playroom.

The only time I really ever leave him with anyone but myself is at church.  We have a WONDERFUL church where  the kids go to their own Sunday School classes while we attend church just Eric and I.  We actually get something out of the message every week!  I know, it's great!  Will goes into the nursery to play with all of his little friends who haven't mastered walking and he used to go in with zero problems!  Used to being the key words!  Over the summer, we slacked off a tad and didn't attend church every Sunday.  Don't judge! We come to church a few weeks later and now Will screams when we hand him over to the sweet nursery workers.  Any where from 30 minutes to an hour into the service is when we see our names at the bottom of the big screen at the front of the church.  How embarrassing!  Everyone is looking around for us and then stares while one of us goes to get him.  We finally asked if they could text us.  The worst part, you can hear him screaming before you even step foot in the nursery and the second he sees one of his parents, he waves and smiles, tears are long forgotten!

We tried blankets, sippy cups, food, napping before church, seclusion in one room away from the other kids...nothing.  Nada.  Zilch!  Then I figured out the one thing he loves most in his world, besides myself, is a beach ball.  He will play with his beach ball for hours, hitting it across the room, laughing as he crawls to chase it.  If the beach ball is missing, no fear!  We have a small blue beach ball the is an excellent back up!  So, we tested it out last Sunday, bringing his blue beach ball that he clinched tightly while we walked to the nursery.  Of course he cried, but nothing after that.  No texts, no embarrassing displays in front of the entire church, just Eric and I checking our phones every few minutes in case we missed the text.  We got nothing out of the service because we were so concerned.  Afterwards, we RAN to check on our baby and he was fine!  When we entered, we heard him laughing while he was chasing his little blue beach ball.  The sweet nursery workers said he chased the blue beach ball the entire time and held onto it tightly while they changed his diaper.

Some kids need pacifiers, or a blanket (Molly), even a stuffed animals.  Our sweet little boy needs a beach ball.  I love him!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Have you been screwing?

So, we've been a little busy over here...preschool started, I'm a fall programmer for a mom's group I attend, and keeping a family of 5 happy, healthy, clean, and fed, are all in a days work!  I have a ton of blogs to write, just not much time!  I'll start small and add more later...promise, I will!

Last Sunday, the 19th, I was cleaning the house and Eric was entertaining the kids up in our playroom.  I'm in the zone, scrubbing, disinfecting, vacuuming, dusting, you get the picture, for our small group arriving at our house at 5:30 that afternoon.  Around 4, I hear Eric say, "Let's rearrange!"  Next thing I hear, moving of shelves, children laughing, and "Move Molly, before the shelf falls on you!"  Then, Eric comes downstairs, goes into our bedroom, and comes out with our TV, walking back upstairs.  Now, we've been discussing moving our TV out of our bedroom for awhile.  We stay up too late watching TMZ or Fox News, it's the first thing on in the morning, and we feel as though we watch it too much.  So, I'm not surprised the TV left, but more surprised about my husbands motivation at 4 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon.  I love the guy like no other, but I have pictures needing to be hung on a few walls I have asked him to hang up for the past 2 years.  I never once asked him to rearrange the playroom, but I'll take it!

So, our new play room is all pretty, we had a great small group Sunday night, life couldn't be better!  In place of our TV, which was on our dresser, is where our mirror is supposed to be attached.  The mirror was still in a box from our move here over 2 years ago.  Mr. Fix-it decides we need to hang it up immediately following small group Sunday night, we first need to find some piece to put it all together.  We're searching everywhere, he KNOWS they are either in our closet or under our bed but can't find them anywhere.  Darn, guess he HAS to go to Home Depot on Monday after work.  All this time, while he is searching, I'm putting our 3 kids down for bed, so I'm not participating.  When I "search" for the missing parts, found them in like 2 seconds under our bed, just move the wrapping paper, duh.

Monday night, hang up the mirror and our room looks so grown up!  Love it!  Tuesday morning, Jack comes into our room after breakfast and asks, "Have you guys been screwing in here?  Why is the screwdriver (he meant drill) out?  Why were you screwing?  I want to screw."  Eric and I about died with laughter!   I love him!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A small update for now...

On this fun filled Saturday night, I have nothing else to do but update everyone on the happenings of The Brew Crew!  OK, we're not total dorks, we did go to a birthday party this evening and Eric is watching a Red Box movie (I was having a blast playing word mole until Eric's phone died).

1.  As we were talking about planting a garden today at lunch, Eric suggested we plant cucumbers.  Jack got all excited and said, "We'll put them in our ears!"  What, that doesn't make any sense.  So, we asked him to explain.  "You know, cucumbers to clean your ears out."  "You mean, q-tips?!"  "Oh, is that what they're called?"

Do we not give him enough of a variety in food?

2.  Meets his teacher on Thursday and starts preschool the Tuesday after Labor Day!  He goes from 9-2:30!  What are we going to do without him all day?!

1.  Where do I start?  This one is something else!  But I love her.  She is starting to like things her way and if you don't cooperate, she yells and maybe take a swing.  At Will she goes, "William Michael, no sir!!!"  And poor Jack got whacked in the face with his trains tonight because she wanted him to share with her!  Snaps to Jack for not swinging back at her!

2.  She is going through a growth spurt, she is eating everything, sleeping crazy hours...taking a 2 hour nap one morning and then a 3 hour nap that same afternoon!

3.  We went to Toys R Us today and the boys and girls separated to look at their own things.  Molly and I had so much fun looking at Barbies, baby dolls, and Tinker Belle (she thinks all princesses are Tinker Belle).  She has a list a mile long of what she needs.  There is a mini-van for her doll house which she picked up and said, "I go buy this, Molly needs for her doll house."

1.  Has cried every time he goes to the nursery at church for the past 2 months, meaning Eric or I have to go get him in the middle of church.  Screaming comes from the nursery, always him, but he starts smiling and laughing once he's in our arms.

2.  Pulling up on EVERYTHING!  Doors, people, couches, TV stand, dressers, and if it's not bolted down, he will tip over with it!  So far the oven door, kitchen trash can, and several chairs have all crashed on top of him.  He cries, but goes right back!

3.  Who needs a vacuum when Will's around?!  He eats everything off the floor, he's almost like our own dog minus the hair shedding!  But yuck!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Come on Mom!

Today while grocery shopping with my three kids (what was I thinking?!), we were walking down the produce aisle, everyone was peaceful in the cart built for THREE KIDS!   I know, what an invention!  I go to get one onion and all the onions come rolling down.  It was so embarrassing!  Onions were everywhere, all over the aisle, under our cart, and I threw myself on top of the rest of the onions to keep them from falling.  A guy behind me just started laughing, while picking up the onions.  That is when my kids lost it!  Will started crying, Molly and Jack started kicking each other...why?!!
After all the onions were put away and I put my one onion in the cart, I needed a few tomatoes.  What happens?  The tomatoes come rolling down!  Not thousands like the onions, but a few hundred.  Jack goes, "Come on Mom!!"  Like Mom, why are you such a klutz, making a mess in the grocery...all I want is a tortilla.  Thank you, Jack.  I pick up the hundreds of tomatoes, with the same man who laughed at me about the onions.  The sweet man told  me, "I've never seen this ever happen!"  Same here!!  What an experience!  What a day!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cowboys and Cowgirls

Before our jaunt to Kansas City last month, we went boot and weed eater shopping.  Every Texan needs a good, sturdy pair of boots for doing cowboy things.  You know, for the ranch or working in the fields.  We have neither but we did go to the Houston Rodeo this year, which was a blast!  Anyway, the kids had a great time trying on boots and Eric bought a pair of really cool boots, he looks super cute in them!  He also needed a new weed eater and heard there were some great deals at the John Deere dealer in Katy.  I think he wanted to check out all the cool toys and tools!
We also went to the John Deere dealer in Katy, Eric was looking for a certain brand of a weed eater.  While he scoured the store, we had fun with the riding lawn mowers and tractors!

Such a big boy!!  He really wanted the camera!

So much fun!!

We want Santa to bring this for Christmas!!!  Or some grandparents!!

He had so much fun!

Love her!

His new favorite color is green and now he wants green boots!

I love her pose!  

Checking herself out in the mirror...I love his smile!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You always need to wipe!

A very true and real conversation I had with my four year old today during our afternoon snack.  He currently finds everything with farting, peeing, and pooping HILARIOUS!

"Mom, I went poop during nap time." (Or rest time or play time in my room for him)
"Oh, good job bud!  Did you need help wiping?"
"No, it wasn't a very big poop.  You only wipe when it's really big."
"Wait, you didn't wipe after you pooped?  GO RIGHT NOW TO WIPE!!!"  (My voice gradually rising!)
"But Mom, you only wipe when it's big and it wasn't BIG!!  IT WAS SMALL!!"  (His voice gradually rising!)
"You always need to wipe after you poop.  No matter how big or small.  Now go wipe, please."  (What a great way to teach manners!)
"Mommy, it was so small and it didn't make many noises.  When I have a big poop, it sounds like this..."(insert farting noises and laughing from 4 year old).....still laughing....oh, more farting noises...wait, laughing now from the 4 year old and 9 month old (he's so innocent and is going to be corrupted!)
"Go, go, right now and wipe.  NOW!!!"

He goes to wipe, showing me there isn't anything to wipe and comes back to the kitchen table.  He continues eating as if nothing has happened.

"So, did you wash your hands after you wiped?"
"I don't need to, the poop was small and there wasn't much on the toilet paper."

I almost threw him out the window, but don't worry, I didn't.  I took several deep breaths and instead we had a very similar conversation as the above, except it was about hand washing.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kansas City....Kansas City, here we come....or leave

The first 10 days of July were spent in glorious Kansas!!  We had a wonderful time with family and friends!  The kids were spoiled rotten by their Papa and Grandma, Boppi and Grandma, and tons of aunts and uncles!  Eric and I were spoiled too, we took long naps everyday, ate out WITHOUT CHILDREN for several meals, had our laundry washed, and three happy children!  And, can was say Bar-B-Que?  Cheesy Corn Bake from Jack Stack is to DIE for!!  It will be at my last meal, if I get the choice!!  We are happy to be in home in lovely Texas, but there is something about going home!

In the neighborhood 4th of July parade, right in front of Papa and Grandma's house!  That's one nice looking family!  

Playing at the Clifford Exhibit at Crown Center!  We love Clifford!!

Someone found a new favorite restaurant!!  We love Fritz's!!  

In front of the Crown Center waterfalls!  Loved coming here as a kid!!  

He was sad to be the only member of Boppi's Gang without sunglasses.  

Eating lunch at Red Robin with Great Grandma Nita!!

At Deanna Rose Farmstead with Boppi and Grandma!  We loved milking the cows and riding on the tractors!

At the Natural History Museum on the KU campus.  We went there while we waited to eat lunch with Uncle Todd!  We ate with him at Quinton's!  YUMMY!!

In front of Strong Hall on the KU campus!  We love KU!!!

Loving our Jayhawks!!

Riding on the Blueberry Train while picking blueberries with Grandma!  
She was more interested in eating the blueberries
Someone learned how to pull himself up while on our little trip!  He is so SUPER proud of himself!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer, Summertime...

This is truly my favorite time of year, at least one of them!  Hot weather, at the pool almost daily, ice cream treats to keep cook, yummy drinks, and sun dresses with flip flops!  Love it!  I also love that we don't have anything we have to do, it's fun hearing what these kids come up with!  Yesterday during adult swim  at the pool, the kids and I were hanging out on a lawn chair all snuggled under our towels.  It made me really appreciate my time home with them!  I truly love being a mom!!

Jack had two weeks of swimming lessons and loved, loved, LOVED them!  Mr. Hector was his swimming instructor and looks just like Vinny from Jersey Shore.  Everyday we went and Jack really improved on his swimming and now jumps right into the pool with zero hesitation.  Molly believes she also took swimming lessons and tries to do everything Jack does, such as blow bubbles (she has swallowed at least a gallon of pool water this week), jump into the pool (has huge bruises on her bottom because she jumps up and not out and has landed on the edge of the pool too many times), and floats (while swallowing water).  We're signing him up for another two week session in July, he is so excited!  He asks daily what time we go to swimming lessons. Stop asking!

Last week Jack also had Vacation Bible School and he LOVED it!  He was in the same class as his friends Will and Jeremy!  From 8:45 to 12:30, he sang, danced, played, and learned about Jesus, what a great week for a 4 year old!  Of course, 4:00 swimming lesson came very soon in the afternoon, so by Friday at 4:30, he was exhausted!  I swear I will never again schedule our kids for more than one activity at a time if I can, it was way to much for all of us!  Back to VBS, Jack and Molly are so excited because Molly will go next year when she turns 3!  It's as if I said Santa was eating breakfast with us tomorrow morning, they were so excited when I told them that!

While running errands last week with Molly and Will during VBS, I heard a voice in the backseat that I had never heard before.  It sounded like one of the kid toys from the happy meals, it kept repeating itself over and over again.  At a stop light, I turned off the radio and sat there listening, Will and Molly were silent, so I figured it was a toy and I would get it at our next stop.  Well, I tore the car apart looking for a toy that talks.  Nothing, there were no toys that made any sounds in my car, I thought I was going crazy!!  So, we get back in the car and I hear it again and I ask Molly who is talking.  "Will, it's baby Will!"  And it was him!  He was speaking his baby babbling that sounded like a happy meal toy and I had never heard him talk so much!  I am a little embarrassed that I thought he was a toy and I searched my car for so long, but it's not the last time!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Five Years Ago...

Eric and I became Mr. and Mrs.!  Wow!  A lot has happened and changed in those five years, but I love our life and everything God has given us!  We're celebrating by getting Outback to go (yum) and watching our wedding video!

We've had a fun week over here at our house, Molly has been accident free for three days!  Yea Molly!  Of course, now she'll have a ton of accidents because I'm bragging about her!  Go figure!  She is such a big girl and loves pulling down her pants to show off her "pretty underwear."  She also loves playing in Will's saucer, it's her new favorite toy!

Will is saying "Dada!"  His little voice is so cute and precious!  He is doing the military crawl and getting faster by the second!  He started eating Cheerios and he tried grapes today with mixed reviews.  Will is also waving hi and bye-bye and clapping!  I love him!
Mr. Baseball himself finished his T-Ball season doing so awesome!  He loved playing and wants to play again!  We had his Red Sox team party on Saturday where he earned his trophy and enjoyed eating with his teammates!  On Monday, he started swimming lessons at the Houston Swim Club!  He is doing so great, I'm so proud of him!  I was worried he was too old, but he is at the perfect age and this is the right time for Jack! Next week, Vacation Bible School and swimming lessons, whew!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You can't make this up

I don't know who these kids belong to, but they are crazy!  Summer means no preschool, less structure and HOT, HUMID days!!  We've been going swimming and taking early morning walks, we try to do something everyday to keep busy.  With that said, they know...they know we're not as busy as we once were.  No, but 4 pm, Jack and Molly are running all over the house acting like crazy kids!  Their new game is chase, where they chase each other all over the house.  Or wrestle, where they wrestle all over the house.  Molly is one strong cookie, she pins down Jack all the time!  To keep them preoccupied, Jack started swimming lessons on Monday at 4 pm.  He's going everyday for the next two weeks and so far is doing so great!!  He's learning how to swim, having fun, and excited about going!  The problem is I have to entertain Molly and Will in a little waiting room during the 30 minute lesson. I bring snacks, sippy cups, toys, books, crayons. and everything works for the first 20 minutes.  Then, Molly wants to run around or Will starts to fuss or Molly has to go potty...I'm exhausted!  After Jack's lesson, there is a mob scene trying to find your child and everyone crowds around the door waiting to dry off their kid the second they get out of the pool.  Then, there is a mad dash to the showers and changing rooms, as if a little chlorine is going to kill their kid.  I've seen pushing going on between the mom's trying to get a changing room.  I simply dry Jack off and have him wear his trunks home...if he really wanted to change, I'll do it in the car.  Not thanks!  By 4:30, I need to get out and so do Will and Molly!  On Jack's first day of lessons, Molly had a total meltdown at the end of the lessons and refused to walk.  I was pushing Will in the stroller and she wanted me to carry her, "Carry you, Mommy, carry you."  I had to dry Jack off and help him at least put on his crocs, but first I had to find him through the swarm of mom's, strollers, and kids.  I put her down once we find Jack and dry him off, the whole time Molly is SCREAMING and CRYING as if her foot fell off.  So, what do I do?  I pick her up, push the stroller, have Jack hold onto the stroller and leave.  
Speaking of screaming in public, Jack did almost the same thing at HEB a few weeks ago.  We had a lovely shopping experience at the local grocery store, Molly and Will were riding nicely in the cart, Jack was holding onto the side of the cart, everyone had a balloon (except Will, he eats them) and tortillas.  I thought, success!! We are going to the check-out and Jack loves going to number 6, don't ask me why.  Well, number 6 had a very long line but number 5 didn't, so we went that way except there was resistance coming from Jack's side of the cart.  What was he doing?  Pulling the cart to check-out 6, duh.  I took his hand, pulled the cart to number 5 and started unloading the cart.  First came tears, then stomping of the feet, and "I'm mad, Mommy, I want 6" in his best outdoor voice.  Will and Molly got stickers from the bagger and Jack looked at the bagger and screamed when he was asked he wanted a sticker.  Classy there Jack.  So, we're walking to the door and at the top of his lungs, Jack lets out an ear piercing scream that makes everyone in every check-out aisle stop whatever they are doing and stare at us.  Awesome!  I just keep on walking to the door, Jack trailing behind me.  Will looked at him like he was CRAZY!  Of course, when we get to the door, Jack screams one more time, and Will started crying.  
One last tidbit, Molly is potty trained, yeah!!  We still have a few accidents with the number 2, so we're working on it.  I keep telling her poop goes in the potty, all day...I think I say it in my sleep too.  Anyway, after an accident the other day, I was feeling defeated and frustrated with the poop.  The whole reason we started this potty training business was because of the poop!!  I go to her and say, "Poop goes in the ....."  and Molly replies "laundry basket!!"  

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello, Spits!!

Will has a new game...spitting! All the time! In the car, every meal, getting a new diaper, he spits! Super fun! It's like he's blowing raspberries, but with extra drool and saliva. The best is when we arrive at preschool and he's covered in spit, oh and Jack and Molly are too because they think it's super fun to spit right along with him. No, wait, the best is when I'm feeding him oatmeal or squash and he spits it back at me!! Sometimes, when he sees the spoon, he'll just start spitting for the fun of it!! My favorite is when I give him medicine! He sees the medicine dropper and starts spitting and blowing raspberries...he HATES medicine!! First he blows the raspberries, spits, and then gags on the medicine and most of it ends up dripping down his face to the fat creases around his neck. Fun!
Of course, he spits up too! Today, we're leaving church and he spits up oatmeal from breakfast, which he had eaten two hours before. He seems to prefer to spit up when we're leaving, usually on the carpet when I'm picking up my purse, putting on my flip flops, or carrying a million things, plus Will. I've learned not to bend over (bad for my back and doesn't help the baby pouch), so I do lunges to pick up my things while carrying Will and running out the door. But no matter the position I use to pick up things and go, he LOVES to spit up and 9 times out of 10, I have baby spit up all over me dropping Jack off at preschool!! The best is when I don't know there is baby spit up on me and someone tells me about it or I smell it! Yummy!!
So, now when Will spits or spits up, we say, "Hello, Spits!" It suits our little buddy and his lovely spitting habit!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Potty Time?!

So, this weekend, Molly decided that she didn't like having a wet all. Every time she peed a tiny bit, she would tell she was wet and needed a new diaper. At Jack's t-ball game on Saturday, she kept grabbing herself (down there) and I started to worry that she had an infection of some sort. No, she was wet. Hmm...time to potty train? She started going on her Elmo potty last week a few days, but took a few days off too. I decided not to push it because if you push Molly into anything, she'll regress. Molly time is the name of her game and has been her whole life!! On Sunday, she pooped and freaked out!! She kept saying "Molly poop in diaper!!" As I'm going upstairs to get her a new diaper, I see a trail leading from our bedroom into the kitchen. A poop trail. She had taken off her diaper and the poop led from our bedroom floor through the family room to the kitchen trash can. I asked her where her diaper went and she said, "All gone!" I'm thinking it's a sign to start the potty training, I hope we can all do this!! Wish us luck!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Will is 7 months today, yes, 7 MONTHS!!! In the past few days, he has become nearly an expert in sitting and he is starting to rock back and forth on all fours. Jack and Molly keep showing him how to crawl, "So he can be JUST LIKE US!!!" A direct quote from Jack. I'm not sure if we're all ready for Will to be just like us, mainly because everything, EVERYTHING, goes in his mouth. Toys, newspapers, spoons, bibs, my shirt, my hair, blankets, his feet, you name it!!! We were practically wrestling each other for my keys yesterday at Jack preschool and I felt like the meanest Mommy when I won the match. He started crying and everyone looked at me as if I smacked him in the face. Poor baby!! I didn't, by the way!!

Will and I were at Jack's preschool yesterday for the Mother's Day Tea. Jack's classroom had doughnut holes (yum!), orange juice and sweet tea. His class sang all the mom's some songs, we enjoyed our yummy treats, and we were given our presents! The whole time we were there, Jack kept coming up to me and saying, "Mommy, I love!" "Mommy, I'm so happy you're here!" He's the sweetest little boy, but when did he get so grown up?!! It was a special treat being with my two boys!

Molly went to my friends house while we were at the Tea and while she was there, they played in the water table outside. I picked her up, she was drenched in water!!! It was so cute, she was dripping wet and having a blast!!! Of course, wearing her sunglasses the entire time, always have to look good and prevent wrinkles, no mater your age!!! At Jack's t-ball game last week, she was wearing her glasses and one of the parents went, "She's a little diva, isn't she?!" Not really, but she does enjoy her sunglasses on at all times!! She refused to take them off at Wal-Mart the other day. Where does she get this from?! She also has been going pee in the potty!! Last night, she was sitting on her Elmo potty, wearing only her socks and starts going potty! When she's done, she jumps up and down and claps her hands saying, "Yea Molly!" It was adorable!! are some pictures from the last few months!

Jack's birthday party where Molly took gymnastics!

Just jumped in the foam blocks!
She LOVES the foam blocks and has ZERO fear!
This is the birthday group giving each other hugs!

I know...he's a doll!
The five of us on Easter...this is the best picture we got!
For Christmas, Papa and Grandma got Jack his own digital camera. Here is a shot he took of the 4 of us the other day

The camera also includes special effects to put on your pictures, such a fun feature!! So, Eric took this picture of Jack and Jack went running to the mirror to see his mustache.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank God for a new day!

So, the past few weeks have been very bumpy for our family and at the end of almost everyday I say to myself, "Thank God for a new day!" It's not like things are horrible with us, but we have a lot of friends experiencing hard times and causing us (let's be honest, me) to get a little to emotionally involved. Plus, our kids...I love them, but they drive me crazy!

To begin with, but not getting into too many details, in the matter of the first two weeks of April, we've have two separate friends of ours have major life altering events happen in their lives. One couple lost their baby while she was 5 months pregnant, her two daughters are close in age to Jack and Molly and their new baby was a boy, such a sad lost. While our other friends are having marital problems, the husband is having an affair on his wife and she lost her father in February. A lot going on in the first few weeks and I, of course, put myself in their shoes and try to relate to them but have been ending up just feeling really sad. Me being sad has been hard on everyone, because I can get a little snappy. Sigh. I'm really trying hard to not let these things affect our lives, our marriage, our children, and I'm trying my best to maintain my happy, pleasant self! And that is why I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day and THANK YOU GOD for it!!

On to a new topic...ALLERGIES! I HATE THEM! I don't have them myself, but Jack and Molly are miserable!! Molly has had a persistent cough for 2 months and the pediatrician says it's allergies. That is no help, thank you. Jack on the other hand looks close to death. He has dark circles under his eyes, nose is constantly running, and the second he walks outside, he scratches his whole body. Want to know what he sounds like?! A barking seal and that is not an exaggeration. The poor thing! We've been to the doctor twice in a week, Molly has a sinus infection and Jack has a double ear infection. Molly also has a high fever today, awesome. Will is fine and let's keep it that way! I'm taking Jack to an allergist next week and praying that we find something that works for him. I feel so bad for him! Molly doesn't seem as bad as Jack, so we're holding off on taking her.

OK! Bye!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wow, March is over...

So...March has apparently been busy for us! Let's do it!!

The first of March brought Will turning 5 months and a joy of eating food! He has so far eaten avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, zucchini, prunes, applesauce, peas, green beans, and peaches. I'm trying to make my own baby food and it's pretty easy! We're trying plums tonight! He's also so close to sitting up on his own!

Molly started gymnastics every Wednesday in March and she LOVED it!! Her favorite was the trampoline, the big pit of foam blocks, and getting stamps on her hands, feet and tummy!

As a family, we went sailing in the Gulf of Mexico with our friends the Leicht's one Sunday afternoon! My friend Sherri's in-laws live on the Gulf and own a sailboat, so we drove about an hour southwest to Kemah, Texas and went sailing for a few hours with her family! SO MUCH FUN and SUPER RELAXING!! It was great and the kids loved it! Jack got a little seasick at the end (luckily Capri Sun's are clear!), but he still had a great time!

That leads us up to Spring Break, Jack was out of preschool for the week, so we kept busy by going to the zoo, several parks, and eating lunch with our friends at our favorite restaurant, Clay's. It was a fun week seeing our friends almost daily, but we missed our daily routine!

The last weekend of March was Jack's birthday party!! It was held on Sunday afternoon at the same gymnastics place where Molly takes her class! Jack and 9 of his closest friends, sister included, played for an hour with their coach! They jumped on the trampoline, climbed the "mountain" which is a huge indoor playground, and jumped in the pit of foam blocks! It was the easiest party...ever!! I made a train cake and I'm VERY proud of it! We did cake and ice cream and then he opened his presents! The coach that helped us the entire party did everything! She was great!
On Monday, Jack's actual birthday, he brought treats to preschool and we decorated his door with streamers! For dinner, he choose Chick-fil-a for dinner, a very special treat for all of us!
I can't believe he's 4!! His new request before bedtime is for Eric or I to tell him about when he was a baby or he wants to look at pictures from when he was a baby! It goes so fast!
I promise for more posts in much fun stuff to come! Easter, swimming lessons for Jack, Will turns 6 months, and hopefully a trip to take pictures in the Blue Bonnets!

Happy Easter!

Friday, February 26, 2010


is our one and only daughter, which will most likely stay that way!

turned 2 on Sunday and I'm still recovering from the shock that she is now 2!

is our little girl who is no longer a baby and that makes me sad at how fast she has grown up!

is in the 8% for weight, her highest percentile ever for weight, and is in the 85% for height! Wow!

LOVES her blanket, and is so adorable carrying it around with her! She actually stood at the dryer the other day waiting for it to dry!

has a new favorite activity is playing with water in the sink and making the biggest mess possible! She goes running towards any sound of water running!

loves to load and unload the dishwasher! She is our big helper and does a great job putting away the silverware!

enjoys sitting on anything, the table in the kitchen, arm of the couch, Will's swing, Will, any one's head if they're laying down, she seems very comfortable any where!

has curly hair on the bottom, and long, straight hair on the top of her head. It's so beautiful and I love putting her bows in her hair everyday!
has reached the age where some might call it "The Terrible Twos." I try to have a more positive outlook on life and I just call this age a challenge but still fun! We're working through the challenges Molly and her brothers give us daily, she just seems to give us a few more challenges than her brothers!

is such a great talker, I love her voice and our conversations! Her new thing to say is, "Mommy, it's OK." It's adorable!

is very shy and doesn't talk much except when she is at home. Once she is comfortable with the people, she's talkative self, but it takes time! It's so funny seeing her be shy when I know how she is at home! Not surprising, her mommy and daddy are exactly the same way!

loves to say "Ta da!"

must bring a purse with her whenever we go in the car, some items found in her purse are: a phone, (fake) money, a bracelet or five, a book, lipstick (also fake), bow, snack, light stick, Kleenex, keys, and a CD.

is a great little sister who loves her big brother more than he will ever know! She wants to do everything he does and more, as long as she can be with him!

is a great big sister and loves helping with her little brother, especially with tummy time! She picks out his diapers every diaper change and loves playing in his crib!

loves to read! Her favorites are Goodnight Moon, Mommy Hugs, Daddy Hugs, and Playful Little Puppies to name a few!

loves to sing and dance, but gets embarrassed if we're watching, unless Jack is with her!

is not a picky eater, but is at the stage of spitting out food, throwing food, or spitting out our food and then throwing it. This is a very good example of a challenge!

is so smart! She has a wonderful memory, knows how to sing her ABC's, and counts to 10 (a few numbers are randomly missing each time, but knows her number up to 10)!

is sleeping in her big girl bed and loving it, especially jumping on it!

loves polka dots, hence the polka dot birthday party!
is so loved and we are so blessed to have her with us!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mr. 4 Month Old!

Will turned 4 months on the 4th!!! How is he getting so grown-up? We went to the doctor on Friday and he weighs 14lbs and he's in the 29% of all babies his age...wait, what? He's huge!! Will weighs 6 pounds less than Molly and she's almost 2, but 70% of babies his age weigh more? Ok! He is 23 3/4 inches long and his head is 16 inches! He got 3 shots and the roto-virus oral vaccine. He's a trooper!! We're starting rice cereal this week!!
Will is also rolling over from his back to tummy, but somehow forgot how to roll from his tummy to his back. Interesting. He rolls to his tummy while he's sleeping, wakes up, and won't go back to sleep until I roll him back. Sunday night between 11:30 12:30 was spent me going in to his room every 10 minutes to roll him back over and pop the pacifier back in. Finally at 12:30, I let him cry it out and figure it out on his own. He cried from 12:30 to 2:40. I went to check on him and he finally fell asleep on his tummy! Yea!! He slept exactly 1 hour like that! Naps are the same way! I don't know what to do!!

Happy little boy!!
Looking at Jack and Molly!
Love him!
This is Molly right after waking up from her nap. She loves Will's swing, can you tell?!!
The best big brother!! He was doing tummy time with Will! He's getting so grown up!
Tummy time, not rolling over!!
Right before bedtime!
Some Mommy love!! Love the KU shirt!

Getting ready for bed!! Rock Chalk!!