Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Balls

Last night, Eric and Jack went to HEB for our grocery trip of the week. Yes, I know I stay home, but I haven't tried or want to try to take all three kids to the grocery store. So, they went, sampled a few things, got a balloon, and at the check-out the cashier offered Jack some Buddy Bucks. Buddy Bucks are for a game where you put in the Bucks and out comes a prize. Jack had two Buddy Bucks, so he got two prizes. The prizes come in small plastic containers and are usually a sticker or plastic ring, nothing too exciting to adults, but my kids love the things their Bucks buy them!
When they got home, Eric asked Jack if he wanted to carry in the groceries. Jack replied, "No Daddy, I want to carry my balls!" Love it!