Friday, October 23, 2009

He's Here!!!

Our little man! William Michael! I love all of his hair!

So....lots has happened in the past month and there is so much to update everyone on, but not today! I'm sorry, all 3 kids are asleep and mama needs a nap! Short and sweet for now, longer post later!

*The best, most exciting event was Will's birth on October 4th! It was a quick labor and delivery, starting at 4 in the afternoon and he was born at 10:20 that night! Got an epidural, life is great!
*Was in complete SHOCK when my doctor told us he was a HE and not a SHE! I was convinced he was a girl, but I'm so happy he is a he!
*While Eric and I were at the hospital giving birth to Will, well Eric was there for moral support and to take pictures, Jack and Molly had a stomach bug. They were fine all day and started getting sick sometime in the middle of the night. Eric came home to a vomit covered house. He had a long day of cleaning, taking care of the kids and going to the doctor with them. He did have help from my mom who was in town, thank goodness!
*Will and I came home on Tuesday the 6th to healthier kids. It was so great being with them!
*Molly and Jack love their new baby brother and are wonderful helpers. Well, Molly is trying her best to be gentle with baby Will. She is so sweet to him, always kissing him and loving him, but then throws her baby doll in his bassinet because she wants to put her baby to sleep. It's really cute!
*Molly ended up in the ER on the 9th with dehydration. Poor baby girl! Eric took her which killed me that I couldn't be with her.
*Our first family outing with just the 5 of us was to Brenham, Texas to the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory. Jack loved it, Molly was super loud the whole time, and Will wanted to least we got free ice cream!
*Jack started soccer and has played 3 games. He likes it a lot, but doesn't kick the ball. So, we're working on that. He will kick off at the start of each game or after a goal, but will not go near the ball during the game. But, he loves playing soccer!

I promise more someday, but I need some sleep!