Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boy or Girl?

Are you busy on the Tuesday, October 6th? I'll be busy having a baby!! That's the day my doctor gave the all clear, so I have 2 weeks or less! Yea! We're all excited to meet our baby, I think I'm the only one feeling overwhelmed! I've pulled boys and girls sleepers out, but that's about all. Baby's room isn't ready because he or she will move into Molly's room and she'll move into the former guest room. I'm thinking after the New Year, once we've all adjusted to our new little one! Eric and I will have a roommate for awhile! I feel the urge to paint, but don't think that is the smartest way to nest. I'm a little uneasy about the birth, Molly's delivery is still fresh in my head, so I'm nervous about pain, if the kids will be ok with my mom, or what if I go into labor before my mom gets here.....blah, blah, blah. Too much energy going into the what-ifs!

Any guesses on the gender? Any name ideas? I love hearing predictions!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of Preschool!!!

Today was Jack's first day of preschool...he's a big boy! He goes to PRESCHOOL, not school as I mistakenly called it earlier, and he had a great day! I can't believe how fast he's growing, how can he be three?!

The four of us took Jack to school today, so while we waited for Daddy to finish with some work, we headed outdoors for some first day of school pictures.

because she grabbed Jack's hands and smiled at me. She wanted one with Jack! So cute! She loves holding his hand!

Finally got one of Jack alone...Daddy also came out right before this and was able to capture Molly. Now, we're headed off to school!

Walking into school! Molly and Jack had a blast running all over the front lawn of the church while we waited for the doors to open. Note to self, don't come early if the director hasn't opened the doors. It was so muggy and hot! I'm the only one that seemed a little uncomfortable and it was only temporary! We waited only a few minutes before they let us in!

His preschool gives him a bag, which he took home with him this afternoon! Otherwise I would have gotten a picture of him walking in with his backpack on and then placing it in his cubby!

Finally made it into the classroom! He's in the Teddy Bear class and he's with his teacher Ms. Anne. Behind them is the class word wall and where they have calendar time. He was a little distracted by the other kids coming into the classroom and a little nervous about all the new, fun things!

I held in my tears until I reached the hallway and signed him in for the day. It's a Liz thing and I know it will be routine on every first day of school for all of my children! I will admit...It was nice having Molly all morning and spending time with her, she loved having all the toys to herself! I also was able to clean up a little, weird, I know! When we picked him up, he was tired but loved telling us about his day. He inhaled his lunch, I have never seen him eat so fast! He was tired and I thought it would be a great nap time. No nap, a potty issue or two, and a bit of a fit. I really hope this no nap-thing ends before our little one's arrival!