Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A list of events from the past few weeks...

Since nothing too exciting has happened in the past few weeks, as in nothing out of the ordinary, I'm going to make a list for the purpose of a lot of tidbits on info instead of long paragraphs that I seem to write in every blog! We don't sit around and watch the paint dry, but our life is pretty routine these days. Good thing October is coming quick and our routine will be thrown through a few loops with a twist and a turn!

1. No pictures, we have a new hard drive, but I don't know which hard drive to put the pictures on. Is that a huge surprise? We have cute ones though...I promise!
2. We have an official Texan....Jack! He has a little bit of a twang in his voice. Instead of saying "myself," he says, "Mysaealf." It's really cute, but I don't know where it came from!
3. Molly says "poop" every time she goes number 2 and on occasion, she takes off her diaper and brings it to me saying "poop, poop, poop!" So advanced! She's even gone on the potty a few times, but I'm not banking on her being potty trained by October.
4. Molly insists on wearing a bow as soon as she wakes up in the morning. Such a lady!
5. Jack really wants to grow big and strong, he tells us this everyday, especially after dinner when he doesn't eat...anything. Well, he'll eat a few bites of his food to get Vanilla Wafers, the dessert of choice around here. He doesn't want to be strong like Daddy or be big to go to school, he wants to ride on all the water slides at the pool.
6. Speaking of water slides, the pools in our neighborhood have a great kiddie pool area and most have a small frog slide. Jack didn't start going down until a few weeks ago, didn't go at all last summer. Molly starting go down the frog slide about a week after Jack and hasn't look back! We have to catch her at the bottom, but she goes up the 2 or 3 stairs by herself and goes on down without looking back!
7. I took the kids to a friends neighborhood pool the other day and their pools have huge water slides. Jack asked to go down and I said we couldn't without Daddy, there was no way I could go with both kids and my cow of a stomach. So, Jack had a blast playing with his friends Jeremy and Sean Carlos, splashing in the pools and running through the sprinklers in the kid section. Molly wanted to go down the slides. She spent 2 hours running towards the stairs, laughing until I caught her, then screaming for Daddy. I took her in the big pool, baby pool, kids splash area, gave her food, NOTHING WORKED!!!
8. Grandma Brewer came for a week at the end of June. We love her and hopes she hurries back to spend more time with us! Eric and I had our first date since September! She's wonderful!
9. We celebrated 4th of July by seeing fireworks two nights in a row! Eric and Jack were in a 4th of July parade in our neighborhood parade, they were with the firetruck!
10. Eric and Jack both got haircuts, Eric did them himself and both boys are adorable! Jack laughed at Eric's cut because it's shaved to just a 1, very short! Jack told Eric that Eric looked liked Papa, Eric's dad. Eric's dad is bald on top and Eric just has very short hair on the top. So, every time Jack talks to Papa, he laughs and tells Papa that Daddy looks just like him! I love Jack!
11. Baby Brewer is growing and kicking! I had my glucose test two weeks ago and I assume I passed, I go back on Friday. Our baby loves to kick, I think there's a dance party in there because everything seems to be shaking all around! I'm 29 weeks on Thursday, I'm getting so excited about meeting our new baby!
12. Molly loves babies and tries to kiss and hug all babies, real ones and dolls. Even 3 year old with a pacifier are babies according to Molly.
13. Jack loves Mickey Mouse. He wants to go to Disney World to play at Mickey's Clubhouse. He told me I could drop him off while he plays with Mickey and Molly will play with Minnie.
14. Molly made herself throw up the other day in the car, just because she can.
15. I taught Molly and Jack how to dance to the Hustle the other night. Jack loved it, Molly wasn't too interested. One child at a time, that's all it takes! We'll have a Brewer Hustle contest, so fun!

More to come soon! Have a great week!!

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  1. I love reading your blog. It makes me feel like we are a lot closer to you guys than we really are. The cute things Jack and Molly do make me laugh.


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