Thursday, June 18, 2009

1 year ago today....

We officially became Texans! I can't believe it! The movers loaded the truck, we said good-bye to Kansas and headed south! I was so sad, tired, and excited about our new adventure and so happy that Eric, Jack and Molly would be there so we could experience our journey together as a family. I leaned a lot about moving and I know that knowledge will carry over to the next move or moves we will make together. We all have made new, lifelong friends, but kept our Kansas friends too. I was afraid we would come back to visit and our friends wouldn't want to see us, but there isn't enough time in our visits to see everyone! Most importantly, the four, almost five, of us are together and I learned that home can be anywhere! As long as I have my husband and kids, I will always be home! Here's to another wonderful, adventurous and fantastic year in Katy, Texas!!

Good-bye house in Gardner! Such wonderful memories! It was our first home, where we got engaged, married, brought home our first two children, and had many great bbq's, Christmases, Thanksgiving, and evenings hanging out with friends and family. Not to mention our first experience as home owners! The sump pump stopping, taking down wall paper (the horrible deer border with orange paint), painting, new carpet, and staining our deck! It was a great house! I loved sitting in our family room, curled up on the couch watching tv or a movie with Eric, or having Jill over to watch a fabulous show like The Bachelor! The best was playing with Jack and Bubba in our family room, and eventually both of them would open the shutters and look out the window, side-by-side. So cute! They loved to watch all the "action" in our non-busy neighborhood! The mailman was, and still is, a highlight in our day!

Playing with the shutters, it's so Jack! He still loves hiding in our curtains! He's about 18 months here.

Jack and Bubba playing by the windows. About 9 months old, it's right after Christmas 2006

Jack and Bubba...he was a great dog with him. If only he wasn't so big and didn't shed so much fur. Oh, and didn't eat so much, drool, sleep on our furniture, I could go on. Some day we'll get another dog...just not anytime soon! Jack's almost a year here, he was staying home sick with Daddy here because he had RSV and still wasn't up to par.

Our new house! We love it! We're so grown up now because we have a dining room and office! Eric misses the extended garage and we have to park the truck outside to store all of "stuff." We've only painted the office and Jack's, but I have a list of rooms waiting to receive a fresh coat! Everyone room is white, so it's nice that they are primed and ready, but I like a little color on the walls, even beige! We eventually need new carpet, we're hoping in the next year or year and a half! We are so blessed to be here and all though we have tons of wants, we truly have everything we need!!

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