Thursday, June 18, 2009

1 year ago today....

We officially became Texans! I can't believe it! The movers loaded the truck, we said good-bye to Kansas and headed south! I was so sad, tired, and excited about our new adventure and so happy that Eric, Jack and Molly would be there so we could experience our journey together as a family. I leaned a lot about moving and I know that knowledge will carry over to the next move or moves we will make together. We all have made new, lifelong friends, but kept our Kansas friends too. I was afraid we would come back to visit and our friends wouldn't want to see us, but there isn't enough time in our visits to see everyone! Most importantly, the four, almost five, of us are together and I learned that home can be anywhere! As long as I have my husband and kids, I will always be home! Here's to another wonderful, adventurous and fantastic year in Katy, Texas!!

Good-bye house in Gardner! Such wonderful memories! It was our first home, where we got engaged, married, brought home our first two children, and had many great bbq's, Christmases, Thanksgiving, and evenings hanging out with friends and family. Not to mention our first experience as home owners! The sump pump stopping, taking down wall paper (the horrible deer border with orange paint), painting, new carpet, and staining our deck! It was a great house! I loved sitting in our family room, curled up on the couch watching tv or a movie with Eric, or having Jill over to watch a fabulous show like The Bachelor! The best was playing with Jack and Bubba in our family room, and eventually both of them would open the shutters and look out the window, side-by-side. So cute! They loved to watch all the "action" in our non-busy neighborhood! The mailman was, and still is, a highlight in our day!

Playing with the shutters, it's so Jack! He still loves hiding in our curtains! He's about 18 months here.

Jack and Bubba playing by the windows. About 9 months old, it's right after Christmas 2006

Jack and Bubba...he was a great dog with him. If only he wasn't so big and didn't shed so much fur. Oh, and didn't eat so much, drool, sleep on our furniture, I could go on. Some day we'll get another dog...just not anytime soon! Jack's almost a year here, he was staying home sick with Daddy here because he had RSV and still wasn't up to par.

Our new house! We love it! We're so grown up now because we have a dining room and office! Eric misses the extended garage and we have to park the truck outside to store all of "stuff." We've only painted the office and Jack's, but I have a list of rooms waiting to receive a fresh coat! Everyone room is white, so it's nice that they are primed and ready, but I like a little color on the walls, even beige! We eventually need new carpet, we're hoping in the next year or year and a half! We are so blessed to be here and all though we have tons of wants, we truly have everything we need!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A whole lot of everything going on!!!

Wow! Sorry it's been so long! We've been busy that past few weeks and I've been really tired at nap time! So many things, so much to tell, where to start? How 'bout with the kids!


*Finally is walking!! Yea Molly! Took her 1st steps a few weeks ago when we were in KC for Rebecca and Ryan's wedding! She didn't really take off until this week and now she is all over the place! Of course, this means she's into more things, but she's so cute and proud of herself! She claps for herself the whole time, which sometimes makes her fall. She just stands right back up and crawls, and she's a fast crawler!
*We've been to the pools a few time this summer. We have 8 in our neighborhood and a several more pools and splash pads by our house. Our family went to the water park by our house and Molly screamed the entire time she was in the water. The splash area for kids is only a foot deep with zero entry, but she clung to us for dear life. She didn't like the sprinklers, fountains, or water in general. We did not give up! We even took her into the big pool where we held on to her and she screamed, crying loudly, making us look like we were torturing our child. Last night, I took the kids alone and I put her down at the zero entry entrance and she slowly inched her way into the water. An hour later she was all over the pool, going under a few times because of trips or falls, once into a fountain and got a mouthful of water. She was in heaven! Yea Molly! I knew she would love the water, but Molly only does things on Molly time!
*Our new favorite toy is the dishwasher. Not just opening and closing it, but climbing in or on top of the door when it's down.
*She loves, loves, LOVES her blanket. She calls it her D and Eric and I think that's what made her take off with walking. She brought it downstairs after nap on Sunday afternoon and kept walking back and forth with it!
*LOVES to eat our shoes, especially lick the bottoms! YUCK!
*Is fascinated by me putting on make-up and Eric shaving!
*While I get dressed in the mornings, she puts everything into the bathtub within the bathroom area. Shoes, purses, belts, cups, water bottles, plastic eggs, toys, books, and lotion have all ended up in our bathtub. She is one strong girl pulling things along and then lifting them into the bathtub.
*Her hair is long enough for a small ponytail on top of her head. Adorable!
We love her!!

*Did such a great job as ring bearer in Rebecca and Ryan's wedding! He was so gosh darn adorable in his tuxedo! He pulled Molly in a red wagon and he was working so hard, Eric had to help push the wagon up a little hill! Jack had sweat dripping from his head, but he kept on going. Molly, looking ADORABLE of course, kept saying "Whee!" the whole time. They were just precious! They both danced at the reception and then crashed that night, Jack even asked us to go to bed. So cute!
*We went to Deanna Rose Farmstead while in Kansas City with our friends and had so much fun! Jack loved playing with Luke, his best bud, and riding the tractor, sliding down the farm slide, and running as far ahead of us as possible! Molly loved the ducks!
*Back home, we had to get back into the swing of things! We were vacuuming, still one of Jack favorites, and he was carrying the cord for me up the stairs. It was lagging behind and he said "Vamanos cord! Let's go up the stairs to help mommy!" So cute!
*We've been busy with playgroup going to the Barn Park, that has a splash pad and the best playground. Jack loves the rocket there (the clear tunnel to crawl through. We've also been to Pump it Up, pools, parks, and a play date with Jeremy.
*Next week is Vacation Bible School, I'm excited for him and I know he'll have fun! His friends Jeremy and Will are in his class, I can't wait to hear about his fun!
*Last week at Sunday School, they made Burning Bushes on a stick, a really great idea. When we left, I asked his teacher, Miss Lisa who he LOVES, how he did. She bent over and hugged him, saying if he were any better, there would be two of him! So sweet! I'm glad he's good for them! He loves going there, he sings the songs all the time, loves the play ground, and especially loves Miss Lisa. I asked him about the Burning Bush and where it came from in the Bible, and he told me, "Miss Lisa made it!"
He's so wonderful!

Baby Brewer:

The side view of his or her's face! So cute! Do you see the little hand by the mouth? I love it!!

Another side view! Such a cute baby!! I can't wait to meet the little one in person!! Only 17 more weeks!! Yea!

*We're kicking strong! 23 weeks today, yea! I'm feeling lots of kicks and movement! Poor thing, Molly loves to climb all over me and I'm sure this little one is going to come out with bruises all over because of being bumped all the time. Jack is good at remembering to be careful around my tummy. He's actually a little protective with it the baby and me, he'll make a great husband some day!
*Still getting a little sick now and then, which is fun. I hope this is the only time the baby will be difficult...EVER! Just kidding! It's actually saved me from gaining a ton of weight in the beginning. One of Eric's aunts did tell me at the wedding that I looked huge and thought I was carrying triplets or at least twins because I'm so big. That made me feel great! Just to report, there is only one child in there! Thank God I'm only big.
*The latest craving the baby (?) has had is orange juice, it is so delicious! The baby also wants some sourz candies, but I can't find them anywhere! I feel horrible depriving my child from what they want, but I'll keep searching until I find them! If you happen to see any, please send them to Katy, Texas!
*At the sonogram last week, everything measured a little small, about a week behind me due date. Which is common for my pregnancies. They haven't switched my due date, we'll see. I just want a healthy baby! Jack came with me and loved seeing the babies face at a side angle. He thinks it's a brother. We'll see in October! We did not find out, I can't wait!
*Please don't ask about's so hard!
We can't wait to meet our little cupcake!

Eric and Liz
*We're doing super! Today is our 4th wedding anniversary! I can't believe it's been 4 years since our wedding day! What a great day! We're going to Chili's with the kids to celebrate!

Us taking picutres in the trolley before saying I Do!!

On our honeymoon in Ocho Rios, Jamaica! We're so tan! I wish I was still that thin! It's worth it, though!
*I'm taking water aerobics and the person closest to my age is is 55. A sweet old lady told me I reminded her of the ditsy girlfriend from 2 and a Half Men. Then she told me that people said she looked like Blanch from the Golden Girls. I can see it.

That's about all in a nutshell! I promise to update more and I'm sure I will with all of our summer plans! Truthfully, we don't have any set plans until October when the baby comes. But our lives are entertaining enough, so I'll post again soon! We didn't take many pictures at Rebecca and Ryan's wedding because we were all in it and chasing Jack and Molly the whole time, but when I get some, I'll post them! Our hard drive is getting ready to crash, so I'm waiting to upload anymore pictures from our camera. I'll figure this whole technology thing out someday!