Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting so big!!

Eric brought home a doughnut a while ago and the kids shared it for dessert. They acted liked they had never eaten anything with blue frosting!

He thinks he's so funny! Actually, it was! I even helped him put more frosting on his face...probably not the smartest Mommy move!

She thought Jack was so funny, Molly put some frosting on her face!

A few days later, we're eating dinner...again! We eat a lot around. Jack is drinking less and less from sippy cups and with regular cups with lids and straws, so pretty much a cup that doesn't spill!

Well, little Miss didn't want her milk that night. NO! She is a big girl! So, I took the lid off and she went to town drinking her milk!

So proud!

Going in for more!

That is the look of refreshment!

But now we're done!

We even like to comb our hair now, even if that means getting cheese out of it!

Still a cutie, but needed Mom's help. Her new words are bow and hair, usually pointing to her head when she wants a bow. Her bangs are getting a little long, but I hated bangs growing up! I hope I can grow hers out without driving us both crazy!

Her car seat has been a favorite toy with both kids, Molly enjoys climbing in and out of it anytime we bring it inside. She is too long for it, but doesn't weigh enough to turn around. So, it's a rare occasion that we bring her car seat inside, usually it just sits in my car. When it does come inside, hours of entertainment ensure!

Since we play so hard during the day, we need to stay clean, which is why I included some bath pics! They both LOVE taking baths and we had to take one the morning after our little trip to Austin since they were both exhausted yet dirty after our trip! Molly was so excited to get in, see peed on the floor! Of course Jack yells, "Molly, we don't pee on the floor, we pee in the potty!" Giggling the whole time! She tried to touch it and play in it, I could hear her thinking, "Wow, what is this that just came out of me?!!! I have to touch it right now!!" They love taking a bath in our bathtub right now, or Jack calls it Daddy's bathtub. They play with empty water bottles, hangers, leftover Easter eggs (plastic ones), and a blow-up ball, forget buying them bath toys!

Finally, Molly has broken through 3 teeth since Thursday! She's been a little fussy and not eating the greatest, but fully of cuddles!! I love it!
I had a doctor's appointment last week, the baby is doing great! I'm 18 weeks, starting to show, but not quite big enough for maternity clothes but too big for my regular clothes. It's fun. I heard the heartbeat, it was 154 bpm, which doesn't tell me much, but sounded great! I'm starting to feel kicks, but they're not strong enough for Eric to feel! We have a sonogram on the 29th, but we're not finding out again! It was so fun the last time and we have our boy and girl, so we pretty set on things!
We'll post again soon!

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