Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MS 150

Eric during the race!

Mike, Andi, Derek and Eric before the race started!!

So, Eric completed the MS 150 on Sunday!!! Yea Eric!!! The event is a bike ride from Houston to Austin, lasting 2 days and over 170 miles!! Eric starting training last fall and has worked hard!! We're so proud of our Daddy!!

Saturday, the first day of the race, was actually canceled to due the monsoon that swept through Texas Friday and Saturday. Seriously, never seen so much rain, well, I have, but not in a long time! The camp grounds where he was going to camp at in La Grange were actually flooded and all the tents were blown over after storms on Friday, and more storms were expected all day Saturday, so it was nice the canceled on Saturday. Of course, we woke up Saturday to cloudy skies, but that changed quickly when the massive thunder and lightening started! Thank you God for keeping everyone safe and canceling the 1st day of the MS 150!!

So, Sunday, Eric is ready to go at 5 a.m. Sunday morning to go with his fellow team members Derek, Andi and Mike from CA! The race started in La Grange, the halfway point between Houston and Austin. So, Andi drove her car with the bikes and the guys there. Myself and the kids, Derek's wife Lynn and her oldest son Micah, and Andi's husband Ward and their son Hayes picked up Andi's car and the three cars caravan to Austin!!

Of course we had some excitement along the way!! Hayes was car sick twice before we made it to La Grange! Always fun!! Poor buddy is almost 2 and has a hard time in the car!! So, Ward cleaned him up in La Grange, we found Andi's car, and Lynn and I continued on to Austin. Along the way we started to see the bikers and even saw Eric and Derek!! I asked Jack if he saw Daddy and he said, "No, he was on Molly's side." Which was true, he was on her side of the car! We got to Bastrop and decided to have lunch at Taco Bell and wait for Ward and Hayes. At Taco Bell, Derek called Lynn and said they were in Bastrop eating lunch, so we went and said hi to the bikers through their lunch break and met up again with Ward and Hayes!! It was so great seeing Eric and all the bikes! He looked tired but great!

After Bastrop, they had 30 miles to go, which meant we had a 1/2 an hour drive to Austin and to wait for them once we got to Austin! The MS 150 finish line was on the University of Texas campus, with the the capital in the background, pretty exciting! I've never been on the campus and it was pretty nice, even though there was Longhorn stuff EVERYWHERE!!!

So we got there a little before 3 and were right by the finish line! With lots of snacks, water, and watching all the bikers come in, we were highly entertained! We were all a little hot, but all the kids were troopers! Our group of 4 crossed the finish line a little before 5 and they looked happy to be done! They went to their Sun and Ski Team tent, thier official team and we all got some snacks! I drove home and the kids passed out! With no afternoon naps and were outside all afternoon, EXHAUSTED!! Eric was sore from the bike ride, but he was more sore from his sunburn! Hello! Wear sunscreen when you're outside all day!! Silly guy!

So that was our adventure to Austin! It was a long, but fun day!! Here are some pictures from the events!!



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