Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jack's Birthday....almost a month later!

Opening presents!!

All of us at Pump it Up!

Having fun at Pump it Up!!

She kind of liked the cookie!

Blowing out candles of his birthday cookie!!

Watching Daddy put together his shopping cart...he loves it!! He takes it to the mailbox everyday, and brings me the peanut butter and bread for his lunch everyday in it!! Molly is waiting patiently to the day he lets her play with it!!

The pictures are on the computer, thanks to my trusting husband Eric! I don't know why I'm so mentally slow when it comes to computers! I did load the pictures on, but on to the wrong hard drive...again! It just doesn't make sense!

OK! Jack's birthday started with our trip to San Antonio! We left Saturday, March 28th around 8 and arrived around 10:30, such an easy trip from Katy! We checked into our hotel, the Drury Inn right on the Riverwalk! Beautiful hotel, very small room, but was fine for one night. We walked around the Riverwalk, taking in the sights and enjoying the beautiful day! It was perfect, warm and sunny! We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, which the kids loved, especially the music and Jack's chocolate milkshake! Next, we rode on one of the boat tours, which was great! I thought Molly was going to jump out of the boat because she was ALL OVER THE PLACE!! We were crammed into the boat like a bunch of sardines, so she had nowhere to move except on us and into the water! Jack loved the boat ride, but my advice is to go early in the morning when it's not as crowded!

After our refreshing naps back at the hotel and free happy hour at the hotel, we met the sweetest family, the Bonnallie's! I taught with Kelly for a year at Ascension and her family moved to San Antonio last year! She is so great and sweet! They met us at our hotel and we took a trolley to the Mexican Market, so much fun! Jack and her kids Madeline and Brooks played at a park, we walked around the market that reminded me of all the markets in Mexico (such great deals!!), and we ate at a wonderful Mexican restaurant, which I forgot the name of, but was fabulous and open 24 hours! Kelly and I talked forever, we haven't seen each other since I was barely pregnant with Miss Molly, so we had so much to catch up on! We've talked a few times in the past few years, but it was so great catching up! After walking back to the hotel and saying good-bye to Kelly and the rest of the Bonnallie's we all crashed and slept peacefully that night!

The next day, Jack's birthday (!), we ate our free breakfast at the hotel (seriously, Hotwire is amazing and we weren't planning on all of this free hotel food!), we went to the Alamo! It was interesting for Eric and I, but not so much for Jack and Molly, especially Molly who was protesting the stroller by this point. I kept the kids and walked around with them while Eric educated himself on our fabulous Texas history, I'll learned it someday! We walked through the Riverwalk again, packed up, and headed to Chili's for Jack's birthday lunch! He loves the bottomless chips and salsa! After a delicious lunch, we headed back east to Katy! When we got home, Jack opened the rest of his presents and we picked up his cookie cake from the mall for his party the next day!!

His birthday party was at Pump it Up and he had a blast!!!! We invited his whole playgroup and most of his friends were able to come! After playing for about an hour and a half, we headed to Double Dave's Pizza (yummy) and ate lunch with all of his friends! They have a great pizza buffet everday for lunch, so we all chowed down, ate his delicious cookie cake and he opened his presents! He had a GREAT birthday! I can't believe he's 3!!

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