Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter....but without the picutres!

I know!! I don't know why I am learning disabled and can't load the pictures from both of our cameras onto the computer! Eric has shown me several times, but I seem to put the pictures in the wrong folder, on the wrong hard drive (what?!), or delete them! Pictures will come soon of Easter, Jack's birthday, San Antonio (with a blog about that trip), and some other things we've done along the way! Sorry, I love showing off my cute kids! Trust me, they looked adorable in their Easter outfits! I promise pictures soon!!
Easter was so great! Thursday we had an Easter Egg hunt with our play group at the Beach Club park in our neighborhood! Molly wanted to shake all the "ea" or eat them, while Jack just loved putting the eggs into his basket! He did a great job sharing with Molly, which has been hard lately! On Saturday night, we dyed eggs as a family and then went to bed all excited for the Easter Bunny to come! As Eric and I hid the eggs and made the baskets Saturday night, I thought back to when I was a little and all the my Easter memories! I love Easter!
They woke up bright and early at 6:15 Easter morning all ready to go! No sleeping in at the Brewer household!! We have pictures of them finding the eggs and going through their baskets, there's even video (can you imagine me trying to put that on here?!! Seriously need help!). The Easter Bunny brought a doctor's kit for Jack and Molly to share and even left a note about how we need to share! They both LOVE the doctor's kit, which was going to be a birthday present for Jack but I couldn't find one until last week! Like I said, we are having a hard time sharing, in we, I mean Jack!! Seriously! Molly will have any toy and he comes and takes it away from her, sometimes with a hit or a push too! Poor baby! So, Jack has had a lot of talks, hugs and I'm sorry for Molly, and time outs for his behavior. I love 3 year olds!
After they were doctors forever, they had their Easter Egg hunt, where the eggs were full of pennies and candy! Molly loved to shake the money eggs and thought it was amazing when the eggs would break and money fell on the floor! "Something new to put in my mouth," I swore I heard her say!! When the kids were done going through the eggs and had their piles of money (pennies and nickels, a few dimes), Eric commented how the Easter Bunny must have been cheap this year. They're 3 and 1, they don't know about dimes and quarters, I'm enjoying being cheap a few more years!! After all the Easter festivities, it was a quarter to 7 at this point, we all ate breakfast and Molly and Eric took their morning naps. It's hard being 1 and almost 30! While they rested, I prepared food for our brunch after church and Jack danced around to Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while playing with his doctor kit!
We went to church, which is always a fun time! "I love Sunday School" according to Jack! He loves his teacher Miss Lisa, even though he has tears once in a while when we drop him off, he talks nonstop about his class! They made tombs out of cups and rocks out of paper, teaching the children that Jesus came out of the tomb...I don't think Jack got it, but it's really cute! We just thank Jesus for being nice to us and being our friend! Everyone in the nursery said Molly looked so big, since she's been so sick lately, we haven't been to church the past few weeks or kept her with us in the church! She just loves to be held and play with all the toys, of course she was eating Cheerios when we picked her up!
We had our friends the Walls' over for brunch, Derek, Lynn, Micah and Carson. Derek and Eric work together at Farmers and we've gotten to be great friends with them. Before they came over, I think Jack inhaled about a pound of candy because he was BOUNCING off the wall!!! He was throwing everything, running around, singing, jumping, whew! Of course it was down pouring outside, so he was stuck inside throwing things! Wow, energy mixed with sugar, watch out! When the Walls arrived, we ate a lovely feast and then had another 5 or 6 Easter Egg hunt with the boys. Molly was beat and went down for her nap by this point, but not after eating a whole roll, a slice of ham, potatoes, green beans and strawberries. I tell you she eats, I don't know where it goes! She's had the same meal for dinner last night and lunch today!
After all the Easter Egg hunts, everyone left, and Jack crashed! He was snoring so loud and sprawled out on his bed! I also took a nap, which was lovely! After nap time, it was sunny and warm, so we took a family walk looking for alligators (which I hope we never find) and by the tennis courts. Such a great end to a great day!
I promise pictures soon! Sorry again!

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