Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blue Bonnets and Ice Cream!!

Jack and Molly

Aiden, Ethan, Slater, Molly and Jack
Let's go get our FREE ICE CREAM!!!
On Wednesday, with Eric being in KC, Jack, Molly and I went to Brenham, Texas to tour the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory. We went with our friends from play group, Aiden, Ethan, and their mommy Jean, Slater and his mommy Kami, and Will, Aubrey, and their mommy Shelley. It was a very lively tour thanks mostly to our little group!

Brenham is about an hour northwest of Katy, so we left early Wednesday morning to be at the factory for the 10 o'clock tour. Molly took her morning nap in the car, but sang along to the songs on Jack's cd's for awhile. Jack ate his morning snack of goldfish and craisins while listening the his Mickey Mouse cd for the millionth time, I have it memorized and sometimes sing it in my sleep.

A Texas tradition is to take pictures in the Blue Bonnets every spring because the flowers are EVERYWHERE!! They are so pretty! When driving home from San Antonio last weekend (more details in a future blog), people were stopped all along I-10 from San Antonio to Houston taking pictures in the Blue Bonnets! In some areas, there were dozens of cars and people waiting to take their pictures! So, we stopped with our friends to take some pictures before the tour! Will, Aubrey and Shelley weren't able to make the pictures though! Good thing prime time for Blue Bonnets are March to May! Molly was still asleep while we took Jack's picture, but she was awake in time for the group shot with all the boys and her one on one with Jack! She did NOT like the group picture, maybe it was because she spent the first 30 minutes of the car ride singing to a cd rather than sleeping...I don't know!

After the pictures we headed over to the factory, where we were treated to a movie (7 minutes!), and a tour of the plant. Jack loved the elevator, of course! We watched how they mix all the ingredients, packaging, freezing, storage, and what they were making that day. Jack was in heaven with all the machines, he kept repeating what our tour guide was saying, he's so smart! Molly was a little tired, so she cuddled with Jean most of the tour and said hi to everyone, she's so friendly!

At the end of the tour, we got FREE BLUE BELL ICE CREAM!! It was delicious! Jack chose the chocolate and I had cookie dough, I thought Molly could share with us. She wasn't a big fan of the cookie dough, even though she ate plenty, but she loved the chocolate! She screamed between bites because I wasn't feeding her fast enough! She loves her ice cream! I'm so proud! Actually, Jack does too, his shirt and jeans were covered in the delicious mess of chocolate! You always know he likes his food when he practically licks the bowl clean and then licks his fingers and corners of his mouth! He's so cute! Molly kept doing the more sign while we threw away our trash, poor baby just wanted her ice cream!

We headed home after our treat, Molly passed out before we left Brenham and Jack decided to listen to a new cd, one he's only listened to 999,999 times!

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  1. Okay! I am so jealous! What great pictures! Miss you guys:)!!!


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