Monday, April 20, 2009

3rd ones comes the 4th!

Molly popped out her 3rd tooth on Saturday night!!! We were very concerned for her when we were out to dinner Saturday night and she refused to eat! I know she's little, but the girl can eat! I know I've said it many times because looking at her you can't tell she eats, but she does! She choose cuddling with Eric and I instead of food! We took turns holding her while the other one ate really quick! We love our Molly hugs because she is not one to just want to cuddle, she wants to see the world and nothing will go untouched before she is satisfied! Of course, when we tried to put her in her high chair, she would either scream bloody murder or throw her food and then scream bloody murder! We noticed the tip of the tooth at one screaming point, so we knew it was coming and it did! She was all smiles the next morning, after a Motrin and teething tablets induced sleep! She now has the two bottom teeth and one on top, with the fourth one ready to come any second! I see it and I'm expecting more Molly lovin'!! I love her cuddles!

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  1. Get all the cuddle time you can before the new one comes! Even if it is due to pain.


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