Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jack's Birthday....almost a month later!

Opening presents!!

All of us at Pump it Up!

Having fun at Pump it Up!!

She kind of liked the cookie!

Blowing out candles of his birthday cookie!!

Watching Daddy put together his shopping cart...he loves it!! He takes it to the mailbox everyday, and brings me the peanut butter and bread for his lunch everyday in it!! Molly is waiting patiently to the day he lets her play with it!!

The pictures are on the computer, thanks to my trusting husband Eric! I don't know why I'm so mentally slow when it comes to computers! I did load the pictures on, but on to the wrong hard drive...again! It just doesn't make sense!

OK! Jack's birthday started with our trip to San Antonio! We left Saturday, March 28th around 8 and arrived around 10:30, such an easy trip from Katy! We checked into our hotel, the Drury Inn right on the Riverwalk! Beautiful hotel, very small room, but was fine for one night. We walked around the Riverwalk, taking in the sights and enjoying the beautiful day! It was perfect, warm and sunny! We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, which the kids loved, especially the music and Jack's chocolate milkshake! Next, we rode on one of the boat tours, which was great! I thought Molly was going to jump out of the boat because she was ALL OVER THE PLACE!! We were crammed into the boat like a bunch of sardines, so she had nowhere to move except on us and into the water! Jack loved the boat ride, but my advice is to go early in the morning when it's not as crowded!

After our refreshing naps back at the hotel and free happy hour at the hotel, we met the sweetest family, the Bonnallie's! I taught with Kelly for a year at Ascension and her family moved to San Antonio last year! She is so great and sweet! They met us at our hotel and we took a trolley to the Mexican Market, so much fun! Jack and her kids Madeline and Brooks played at a park, we walked around the market that reminded me of all the markets in Mexico (such great deals!!), and we ate at a wonderful Mexican restaurant, which I forgot the name of, but was fabulous and open 24 hours! Kelly and I talked forever, we haven't seen each other since I was barely pregnant with Miss Molly, so we had so much to catch up on! We've talked a few times in the past few years, but it was so great catching up! After walking back to the hotel and saying good-bye to Kelly and the rest of the Bonnallie's we all crashed and slept peacefully that night!

The next day, Jack's birthday (!), we ate our free breakfast at the hotel (seriously, Hotwire is amazing and we weren't planning on all of this free hotel food!), we went to the Alamo! It was interesting for Eric and I, but not so much for Jack and Molly, especially Molly who was protesting the stroller by this point. I kept the kids and walked around with them while Eric educated himself on our fabulous Texas history, I'll learned it someday! We walked through the Riverwalk again, packed up, and headed to Chili's for Jack's birthday lunch! He loves the bottomless chips and salsa! After a delicious lunch, we headed back east to Katy! When we got home, Jack opened the rest of his presents and we picked up his cookie cake from the mall for his party the next day!!

His birthday party was at Pump it Up and he had a blast!!!! We invited his whole playgroup and most of his friends were able to come! After playing for about an hour and a half, we headed to Double Dave's Pizza (yummy) and ate lunch with all of his friends! They have a great pizza buffet everday for lunch, so we all chowed down, ate his delicious cookie cake and he opened his presents! He had a GREAT birthday! I can't believe he's 3!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MS 150

Eric during the race!

Mike, Andi, Derek and Eric before the race started!!

So, Eric completed the MS 150 on Sunday!!! Yea Eric!!! The event is a bike ride from Houston to Austin, lasting 2 days and over 170 miles!! Eric starting training last fall and has worked hard!! We're so proud of our Daddy!!

Saturday, the first day of the race, was actually canceled to due the monsoon that swept through Texas Friday and Saturday. Seriously, never seen so much rain, well, I have, but not in a long time! The camp grounds where he was going to camp at in La Grange were actually flooded and all the tents were blown over after storms on Friday, and more storms were expected all day Saturday, so it was nice the canceled on Saturday. Of course, we woke up Saturday to cloudy skies, but that changed quickly when the massive thunder and lightening started! Thank you God for keeping everyone safe and canceling the 1st day of the MS 150!!

So, Sunday, Eric is ready to go at 5 a.m. Sunday morning to go with his fellow team members Derek, Andi and Mike from CA! The race started in La Grange, the halfway point between Houston and Austin. So, Andi drove her car with the bikes and the guys there. Myself and the kids, Derek's wife Lynn and her oldest son Micah, and Andi's husband Ward and their son Hayes picked up Andi's car and the three cars caravan to Austin!!

Of course we had some excitement along the way!! Hayes was car sick twice before we made it to La Grange! Always fun!! Poor buddy is almost 2 and has a hard time in the car!! So, Ward cleaned him up in La Grange, we found Andi's car, and Lynn and I continued on to Austin. Along the way we started to see the bikers and even saw Eric and Derek!! I asked Jack if he saw Daddy and he said, "No, he was on Molly's side." Which was true, he was on her side of the car! We got to Bastrop and decided to have lunch at Taco Bell and wait for Ward and Hayes. At Taco Bell, Derek called Lynn and said they were in Bastrop eating lunch, so we went and said hi to the bikers through their lunch break and met up again with Ward and Hayes!! It was so great seeing Eric and all the bikes! He looked tired but great!

After Bastrop, they had 30 miles to go, which meant we had a 1/2 an hour drive to Austin and to wait for them once we got to Austin! The MS 150 finish line was on the University of Texas campus, with the the capital in the background, pretty exciting! I've never been on the campus and it was pretty nice, even though there was Longhorn stuff EVERYWHERE!!!

So we got there a little before 3 and were right by the finish line! With lots of snacks, water, and watching all the bikers come in, we were highly entertained! We were all a little hot, but all the kids were troopers! Our group of 4 crossed the finish line a little before 5 and they looked happy to be done! They went to their Sun and Ski Team tent, thier official team and we all got some snacks! I drove home and the kids passed out! With no afternoon naps and were outside all afternoon, EXHAUSTED!! Eric was sore from the bike ride, but he was more sore from his sunburn! Hello! Wear sunscreen when you're outside all day!! Silly guy!

So that was our adventure to Austin! It was a long, but fun day!! Here are some pictures from the events!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

3rd ones comes the 4th!

Molly popped out her 3rd tooth on Saturday night!!! We were very concerned for her when we were out to dinner Saturday night and she refused to eat! I know she's little, but the girl can eat! I know I've said it many times because looking at her you can't tell she eats, but she does! She choose cuddling with Eric and I instead of food! We took turns holding her while the other one ate really quick! We love our Molly hugs because she is not one to just want to cuddle, she wants to see the world and nothing will go untouched before she is satisfied! Of course, when we tried to put her in her high chair, she would either scream bloody murder or throw her food and then scream bloody murder! We noticed the tip of the tooth at one screaming point, so we knew it was coming and it did! She was all smiles the next morning, after a Motrin and teething tablets induced sleep! She now has the two bottom teeth and one on top, with the fourth one ready to come any second! I see it and I'm expecting more Molly lovin'!! I love her cuddles!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Official Texans!

So, tonight we purchased a new truck! Bye-bye Jetta, hello Ford F-150! Eric is so excited, he's over at Derek's house right now showing it off! It's a good thing, the Jetta was having some problems for a long time. We were talking tonight, and we bought the Jetta my last semester of college at KU, almost 7 years ago! Crazy! It's seen us through jobs, my graduation from college and my certification program, our engagement, wedding, 2 1/2 children, and a move to Texas! Oh well! We were like clowns in a clown car, jammed in their! I did love the heated seats in the dead of winter, but since that's not a problem anymore, those heated seats aren't needed! We were at the dealership a long time tonight, not planning on buying but looking! Poor kiddos didn't eat dinner until almost 9! Wait, they go to bed at 7 and 7:30! They were troopers and ate everything in my purse, thank GOD for goldfish crackers! When we were finally leaving the dealership in our truck (weird), I said "say good-bye to the Jetta!" So Jack said bye and then Molly starting waving and saying "buh-bye" over and over again! Super cute! I love them! Well, off to bed, I am worn out and also didn't eat until after 9! It was torture, but I survived!

And sorry about the picture, I don't know how to make it center to show the whole truck! Just click on it and you'll get the full effect! I'm not even sure if this is the right model, but it's close enough!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter....but without the picutres!

I know!! I don't know why I am learning disabled and can't load the pictures from both of our cameras onto the computer! Eric has shown me several times, but I seem to put the pictures in the wrong folder, on the wrong hard drive (what?!), or delete them! Pictures will come soon of Easter, Jack's birthday, San Antonio (with a blog about that trip), and some other things we've done along the way! Sorry, I love showing off my cute kids! Trust me, they looked adorable in their Easter outfits! I promise pictures soon!!
Easter was so great! Thursday we had an Easter Egg hunt with our play group at the Beach Club park in our neighborhood! Molly wanted to shake all the "ea" or eat them, while Jack just loved putting the eggs into his basket! He did a great job sharing with Molly, which has been hard lately! On Saturday night, we dyed eggs as a family and then went to bed all excited for the Easter Bunny to come! As Eric and I hid the eggs and made the baskets Saturday night, I thought back to when I was a little and all the my Easter memories! I love Easter!
They woke up bright and early at 6:15 Easter morning all ready to go! No sleeping in at the Brewer household!! We have pictures of them finding the eggs and going through their baskets, there's even video (can you imagine me trying to put that on here?!! Seriously need help!). The Easter Bunny brought a doctor's kit for Jack and Molly to share and even left a note about how we need to share! They both LOVE the doctor's kit, which was going to be a birthday present for Jack but I couldn't find one until last week! Like I said, we are having a hard time sharing, in we, I mean Jack!! Seriously! Molly will have any toy and he comes and takes it away from her, sometimes with a hit or a push too! Poor baby! So, Jack has had a lot of talks, hugs and I'm sorry for Molly, and time outs for his behavior. I love 3 year olds!
After they were doctors forever, they had their Easter Egg hunt, where the eggs were full of pennies and candy! Molly loved to shake the money eggs and thought it was amazing when the eggs would break and money fell on the floor! "Something new to put in my mouth," I swore I heard her say!! When the kids were done going through the eggs and had their piles of money (pennies and nickels, a few dimes), Eric commented how the Easter Bunny must have been cheap this year. They're 3 and 1, they don't know about dimes and quarters, I'm enjoying being cheap a few more years!! After all the Easter festivities, it was a quarter to 7 at this point, we all ate breakfast and Molly and Eric took their morning naps. It's hard being 1 and almost 30! While they rested, I prepared food for our brunch after church and Jack danced around to Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while playing with his doctor kit!
We went to church, which is always a fun time! "I love Sunday School" according to Jack! He loves his teacher Miss Lisa, even though he has tears once in a while when we drop him off, he talks nonstop about his class! They made tombs out of cups and rocks out of paper, teaching the children that Jesus came out of the tomb...I don't think Jack got it, but it's really cute! We just thank Jesus for being nice to us and being our friend! Everyone in the nursery said Molly looked so big, since she's been so sick lately, we haven't been to church the past few weeks or kept her with us in the church! She just loves to be held and play with all the toys, of course she was eating Cheerios when we picked her up!
We had our friends the Walls' over for brunch, Derek, Lynn, Micah and Carson. Derek and Eric work together at Farmers and we've gotten to be great friends with them. Before they came over, I think Jack inhaled about a pound of candy because he was BOUNCING off the wall!!! He was throwing everything, running around, singing, jumping, whew! Of course it was down pouring outside, so he was stuck inside throwing things! Wow, energy mixed with sugar, watch out! When the Walls arrived, we ate a lovely feast and then had another 5 or 6 Easter Egg hunt with the boys. Molly was beat and went down for her nap by this point, but not after eating a whole roll, a slice of ham, potatoes, green beans and strawberries. I tell you she eats, I don't know where it goes! She's had the same meal for dinner last night and lunch today!
After all the Easter Egg hunts, everyone left, and Jack crashed! He was snoring so loud and sprawled out on his bed! I also took a nap, which was lovely! After nap time, it was sunny and warm, so we took a family walk looking for alligators (which I hope we never find) and by the tennis courts. Such a great end to a great day!
I promise pictures soon! Sorry again!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blue Bonnets and Ice Cream!!

Jack and Molly

Aiden, Ethan, Slater, Molly and Jack
Let's go get our FREE ICE CREAM!!!
On Wednesday, with Eric being in KC, Jack, Molly and I went to Brenham, Texas to tour the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory. We went with our friends from play group, Aiden, Ethan, and their mommy Jean, Slater and his mommy Kami, and Will, Aubrey, and their mommy Shelley. It was a very lively tour thanks mostly to our little group!

Brenham is about an hour northwest of Katy, so we left early Wednesday morning to be at the factory for the 10 o'clock tour. Molly took her morning nap in the car, but sang along to the songs on Jack's cd's for awhile. Jack ate his morning snack of goldfish and craisins while listening the his Mickey Mouse cd for the millionth time, I have it memorized and sometimes sing it in my sleep.

A Texas tradition is to take pictures in the Blue Bonnets every spring because the flowers are EVERYWHERE!! They are so pretty! When driving home from San Antonio last weekend (more details in a future blog), people were stopped all along I-10 from San Antonio to Houston taking pictures in the Blue Bonnets! In some areas, there were dozens of cars and people waiting to take their pictures! So, we stopped with our friends to take some pictures before the tour! Will, Aubrey and Shelley weren't able to make the pictures though! Good thing prime time for Blue Bonnets are March to May! Molly was still asleep while we took Jack's picture, but she was awake in time for the group shot with all the boys and her one on one with Jack! She did NOT like the group picture, maybe it was because she spent the first 30 minutes of the car ride singing to a cd rather than sleeping...I don't know!

After the pictures we headed over to the factory, where we were treated to a movie (7 minutes!), and a tour of the plant. Jack loved the elevator, of course! We watched how they mix all the ingredients, packaging, freezing, storage, and what they were making that day. Jack was in heaven with all the machines, he kept repeating what our tour guide was saying, he's so smart! Molly was a little tired, so she cuddled with Jean most of the tour and said hi to everyone, she's so friendly!

At the end of the tour, we got FREE BLUE BELL ICE CREAM!! It was delicious! Jack chose the chocolate and I had cookie dough, I thought Molly could share with us. She wasn't a big fan of the cookie dough, even though she ate plenty, but she loved the chocolate! She screamed between bites because I wasn't feeding her fast enough! She loves her ice cream! I'm so proud! Actually, Jack does too, his shirt and jeans were covered in the delicious mess of chocolate! You always know he likes his food when he practically licks the bowl clean and then licks his fingers and corners of his mouth! He's so cute! Molly kept doing the more sign while we threw away our trash, poor baby just wanted her ice cream!

We headed home after our treat, Molly passed out before we left Brenham and Jack decided to listen to a new cd, one he's only listened to 999,999 times!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jack's 3rd Birthday!!!

So, our little Jack Jack is 3! His birthday was Sunday, March 29th....where has the time gone?! He's such a boy now! I'm so proud of him, he has really grown up this past year. I used to worry about all the physical milestones, such as rolling over, sitting, crawling, walking....I freaked out that he didn't walk at a year! Silly me! He took off at 13 months and hasn't slowed down since! Trust me, I'm not worried at all about Molly, she's all ready a mover and a shaker, without the walking! Jack now "reads" us his favorite books, and gets the wording pretty darn close. He jumps, sings, dances, builds all sorts of creations with his blocks, I could go on forever! I'm just so proud of our 3 year old!

For his birthday, we were in San Antonio (more details in the next entry!), so we had his birthday party the next day, March 30th. We had it at his FAVORITE place, Pump it Up with all his friends from play group! Now, we were cautious in calling it a birthday party because Jack tends to freak out at parties. He's been to about 6 birthday parties since September and at everyone he has sort of a melt down. At one, he was the last to get cake, at another party he didn't want his picture taken, I could go on! Even at his 1st birthday party he lost it! Poor buddy just gets worn out from all the fun! On Monday though, he did great! No melt downs at the party (just one at home before we left!) or lunch! The kids played at Pump it Up for an hour and a half and then we headed over to his FAVORITE pizza place, Double Dave's! We had the pizza buffet, cookie cake, and presents with all of his friends, what more could a 3 year old want?! Truly nothing! He loved all of his presents and his cake, and I know his friends did too! His little friend Aiden requested a piece with frosting and then came up for seconds! It was a great day!

On Tuesday, the 31st, Jack had his 3 year appointment, always fun! He weighs 30 pounds!!!!! Go Jack! He's in the 30th percentile for Jack....whose highest percentile was 22nd percentile at his 2 week appointment. He usually fell below the 10th percentile for most of his life! At one point he dropped off the chart, poor buddy! Now, he's gained weight, so there is hope for Molly! She's 17 pounds right now! The girl can eat, I promise, usually more than Jack! Anyway, Jack is 37 inches tall and in the 42nd percentile for height! He's so big! Also at the doctor, he had his blood pressure checked, they called it an arm hug! He was so proud because I had mine checked at my first doctor's appointment and we remembered, so he was just like mommy! The best part of the whole visit, no shots and a sticker!! We'll be back for Molly's 15 month well visit in May and we're crossing our fingers and toes that she is 20 pounds!!