Sunday, March 22, 2009

On the Road to Recovery!

I love him!

Playing in their boats!

Poor thing had it worse on her head and in her ears!

All smiles! He had it worse on his back and tummy!

She's still a doll!

The kids are both feeling so much better! Jack's spots are all scabbed over but he still gets a little worn out! It's hard watching cartoons! Molly, poor little girl, has had a rough week! She got her second tooth, yea! But, that's on top of the chicken pox and she also has a little rash on her tummy. I feel so bad for her! She hasn't been itchy, just wanting lots of cuddles and love! She still has spots that haven't scabbed, so it looks like isolation for a few more days. On Friday we drove around the block to get out of the house for a few minutes. Watch out world, when the Brewer's are feeling better, nothing is going to stop us from having fun!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Silly Bike Rash!!

So, it hasn't been too happy of a paddy's day in our house. The kids have the chicken pox! It all started a few weeks ago when Eric developed pain and a rash on his lower left back and side. I told him to go to the doctor, like a smart person, but he told me it was from bike riding. Wow, he's a brilliant man! Fast forward to Saturday, and I find a bump on Molly's head. It was under her hair, so I was moving hair and touched the bump. It popped, which grossed me out, and I decided to keep an eye on her. Sunday was not such a great day for our little miss! She was fussy, didn't eat well (a huge red flag with her), and didn't nap well! Silly me thought she was teething, she only has 1 tooth! She went to bed that night, woke up happy as a clam, and we went about our day! Well, we headed to one of our favorite spots, HEB, the local grocery store, and guess what I find? TWO more spots on her head! Yea!! We head home with our groceries and call the doctor, but they are closed for lunch! Bummer! So, we make lunch, take our naps, and when Molly wakes up, we have another one in her ear. So, I get online with Eric, who is home from work by this point, and we Google chicken pox. Learning that it is caused by shingles, we Google shingles and did we learn so much! That mysterious rash caused by biking was actually shingles! Good thing it wasn't from biking! Well, we're not sure what caused Eric to get shingles, but he got them and there wasn't anything to do to prevent the kids from getting exposed unless Eric was in isolation for no!
So, I took Molly to Urgent Care and waited for an hour, in that time I watched her get more bumps. Poor baby! So, when the not so nice doctor came in, he took one look at her and said it was chicken pox and there was nothing to do for her. Great! When the nurse came in to discharge her, she was very helpful and told me to take her to her pediatrician today. I was also told to keep her away from Jack, to prevent him from getting sick, Eric so he doesn't risk getting her more sick, and anyone who is pregnant....that's not going to work! Well, we get home and get everyone fed, cleaned and to sleep and I collapsed into bed. Whew!
Today I woke up to a baby with more bumps, but in a pretty happy mood and to an almost 3 year old saying "my penis itch." For good reason, he had 3 bumps all around it! Poor buddy! So, off to the pediatrician and we were rushed into isolation! She was very helpful, telling us to us Benedryl and Motrin, and how to give an oatmeal bath! The bumps have spread to Jack's back and tummy, but he took a 4 hour nap!! Molly's have spread to her neck, back, tummy and legs, and her doctor said her case will be worse. She had her vaccine last week, so it hasn't time to kick in. Jack's case is very mild because he has been vaccinated, but kids with the vaccine are only 80% immune. Plus he's been exposed for the past 3 weeks! Silly bike rash!
The happy news is they both will have them and then it will be done! I'm OK because I've all ready chicken pox, so the baby is fine! I'm actually 11 weeks, yea!
I'll get pictures of them soon, they look pretty cute still with all their bumps!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our First Time Blogging!

We're so in with the times!!! We (ok, Liz) decided to start a blog to update everyone on our family's life in Katy, Texas, especially now that we live far a way from most of our family and friends! I'll update as much as I can and post pictures so everyone can see how fast the kids are growing up! I'm so excited! Now, when someone asks how the kids are, instead of saying "fine," I'll say "look at our blog!"

Yesterday, Eric's parents, brother Todd, and youngest sister Katie stayed with us before leaving on their cruise today out of Galveston. Jack had so much fun with them! He watched out the window for them all afternoon yesterday! When they arrived, he ran all around the house, showing them his room, all of his toys, where he goes potty (and the sounds he makes when he goes), and his sister Molly! He had a little energy! After dinner and ice cream, he made Aunt Katie play Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Memory! Then he sang and danced for us, until he needed to go to bed! The boy crashed! Luckily, he woke up restored! After getting dressed, he likes to pick out his own clothes, and eating a little breakfast, he took Papa and Aunt Katie on a walk. He wanted to show them the alligators and turtles, even though he has never seen either near our house! I love him! About half an hour into their walk, Katie called wanting to know how to get home. Jack just kept leading them all around and when they decided to head home, no one knew where to go! Eric went to rescue them on his bike and they were only a few minutes from our house! Yea! It was great seeing Papa, Grandma, Uncle Todd and Aunt Katie, and I loved watching Jack and Molly wave to them out the window when they left this morning! So cute!

Molly turned 1 on February 21st and got her first tooth a week later!! Yea!! Eric's family loved holding Molly and all couldn't believe how long she was, note, not how big! Poor baby girl! She loves food and can eat more than me, but she can't gain any weight! At her one year appointment last week, she weighed 17lbs. 10 oz. putting her in the 5%! She is 30 in. long, which means she's in the 70% for height! I love her! She is close to walking, but prefers to cruise around the furniture and then break into a fast crawl! She can currently say: Mama, Dada, Jack, duck, moo (for cows), cup (for milk or a drink), hi, bye-bye, and signs more. So smart!

Here are some of the kids current favorite things:
*Reading! He still loves it and I love to read to him! He loves Clifford books, Where the Wild Things Are, Wacky Wednesday, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Chicka Chicka 123, and Don't Forget the Oatmeal!
*Sports! Eric and him play soccer every night, if it's not raining. He also loves playing basketball t-ball, we're trying to teach him how to's hit or miss!
*Being Mommy's helper! He's always loved to help, but lately it's super important to be the helper!! He loves to take the trash or recycling out to the garage and mop! He gets his own rag and goes to town scrubbing the floor, it's too cute! He still loves to vacuum!
*Going potty! He has to test every restroom in every store and restaurant, no matter where we are! At home though, he can only use his toilet upstairs! Seriously?!

*The Dishwasher! It's the greatest toy ever and she especially likes to take out the silverware and drop it on the floor. If she can sample some food still on the dishes, that is great too!
*The stairs! The girl has a game of climbing up the stairs as fast as she can, and laughs at you when you come after her! I know what you're thinking, buy a gate...well, I put our dining room chairs in front of the stairs to block her in. It worked for a few days until JACK showed her how to crawl through! I'm currently price comparing gates!
*Dancing and playing with musical instruments, her current favorites are the keyboard and recorder!
*Vacuuming! She likes to hold the cord, and she'll just sit their holding the cord while Jack and I vacuum!

Finally.....We're expecting again!! Yea!! Baby Brewer is due on October 8th! I'm 10 weeks along and everything is going great! Jack likes to talk to the baby and Molly doesn't understand, but I know she's excited to be a Big Sister!!