Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Balls

Last night, Eric and Jack went to HEB for our grocery trip of the week. Yes, I know I stay home, but I haven't tried or want to try to take all three kids to the grocery store. So, they went, sampled a few things, got a balloon, and at the check-out the cashier offered Jack some Buddy Bucks. Buddy Bucks are for a game where you put in the Bucks and out comes a prize. Jack had two Buddy Bucks, so he got two prizes. The prizes come in small plastic containers and are usually a sticker or plastic ring, nothing too exciting to adults, but my kids love the things their Bucks buy them!
When they got home, Eric asked Jack if he wanted to carry in the groceries. Jack replied, "No Daddy, I want to carry my balls!" Love it!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two in one!

This morning while we were getting ready for church, Mr. Will was doing some tummy time and hanging out. He decided to roll over not once, but three times! He's so advanced! In the matter of one week, he is smiling at us and rolling over! I'm trying to get a picture of him smiling, I'll post it when I can!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


So, the Brewer kids have been sick...again. Jack and Molly both had influenza A and Molly had another ear infection, all last week, Jack was on four medications and Molly was on two. Luckily, Will did not get sick, but I did. I'm not quite sure I got the whole influenza A, but I got the cough, runny nose, sore throat fun! We are ALL feeling better, yea for us! I did take Will into the doctor just to make sure he wasn't sick, he did have a few sniffles and coughs. Not sick, but we did find out he weighs 10lbs. 5 oz.! It's so sad how fast he's growing, but I love that we finally have a big baby!

Thanksgiving was super fun! We had our friends, the Tillson's, over and had a great time! They are friends from our church small group and have kids the same age as our kids! We had way too much food, but they went home with plenty of leftovers, a bonus for them!

The Tillsons brought over a toddler bed they weren't using for us to give to Molly. Our big girl has been sleeping in her new toddler bed since Thursday night without a fuss! With Jack, it was a long process and he would go back and forth between the crib and his new bed. No, Molly is a big girl and sleeps in her new bed all the time! How did she grow up so fast?!!

We took our family Christmas pictures last week and it was very successful! We did them outside on the one day it was 50 degrees. The rest of the month, the temps are in the 60's and 70's, no, we choose the one day it wasn't very warm. Oh well! We got some ADORABLE pictures! I will post them later, I want to surprise everyone when they receive their Christmas card. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise by posting the picture on here!

Will went to the zoo with us for the first time today and slept the entire time. We rode the train, which was the highlight of the trip! Eric took us to Texadelphia for lunch for some Philly cheese steaks. It was pretty good, I liked the queso the best! Will stayed awake for the experience, just taking in the sights! He's a great little baby!

Finally, Will is smiling! Yea! It's the sweetest smile and melts my heart! I can't get over how much he looks like Jack as a baby, only bigger! I love my kids!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1 month old!!!

Our little buddy turned 1 month on the 4th and he's had quite the eventful 1st month!!


*Gained 2 pounds!!! He now weighs 9 pounds and is in the 34% for boys his age! He's our big baby!! He's growing out of clothes Jack wore for months!

*Had his 1st Halloween!

We went to the pumpkin patch the weekend before Halloween to pick out our pumpkins, the one we went to had a petting zoo, haunted trail, face painting and horse rides. It was fun, I guess, but the pumpkins were way overpriced. I took the kids to HEB the next day to pick out our pumpkin and we carved it on Halloween! We went Trick-or-Treating to the outdoor mall by our house around 5:30 and got some yummy treats! Then we drove home and Eric took Jack and Molly around our neighborhood while Will and I passed treats out at our house. I was asked several times if he was a real baby. Jack was Thomas, again, and Molly was a fairy. We had a great Halloween!

*Went to Jack's soccer games! It's about the same, he's kicked the ball a few times! Yeah Jack on the team Attack!
*Met Boppi, my dad! Boppi was in town on Friday the 23rd to meet Will and hang out with us! We went to Jack's soccer practice and dinner at Fuddruckers. It was nice seeing Boppi for a few hours!
*Had his first bath in the baby bath tub! He had sponge baths until his umbilical cord fell off. He likes the water and Jack and Molly love helping give him a bath! Molly loves to sit in the bath tub when we're not using it!

*Is getting used to his car seat, he's not a huge fan. He usually screams when we put him in it and wears himself out to eventually fall asleep. When Jack and Molly were babies, they were carried around forever in their car seats, but not Mr. Will. First, his car seat is wedged between there's and almost impossible to get out. Second, it's hard holding hands with 2 wiggly kids, carry a car seat and diaper bag. So, Will pretty much lives in his Moby wrap, which I LOVE and recommend to everyone having a baby!! He loves to cuddle in it! See, you can barely see his little head, but he's in there!

Next up for all of us....
*Christmas pictures...should be fun!
*A few more soccer games
*Hopefully a smile from Will when he's not pooping or sleeping!

Friday, October 23, 2009

He's Here!!!

Our little man! William Michael! I love all of his hair!

So....lots has happened in the past month and there is so much to update everyone on, but not today! I'm sorry, all 3 kids are asleep and mama needs a nap! Short and sweet for now, longer post later!

*The best, most exciting event was Will's birth on October 4th! It was a quick labor and delivery, starting at 4 in the afternoon and he was born at 10:20 that night! Got an epidural, life is great!
*Was in complete SHOCK when my doctor told us he was a HE and not a SHE! I was convinced he was a girl, but I'm so happy he is a he!
*While Eric and I were at the hospital giving birth to Will, well Eric was there for moral support and to take pictures, Jack and Molly had a stomach bug. They were fine all day and started getting sick sometime in the middle of the night. Eric came home to a vomit covered house. He had a long day of cleaning, taking care of the kids and going to the doctor with them. He did have help from my mom who was in town, thank goodness!
*Will and I came home on Tuesday the 6th to healthier kids. It was so great being with them!
*Molly and Jack love their new baby brother and are wonderful helpers. Well, Molly is trying her best to be gentle with baby Will. She is so sweet to him, always kissing him and loving him, but then throws her baby doll in his bassinet because she wants to put her baby to sleep. It's really cute!
*Molly ended up in the ER on the 9th with dehydration. Poor baby girl! Eric took her which killed me that I couldn't be with her.
*Our first family outing with just the 5 of us was to Brenham, Texas to the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory. Jack loved it, Molly was super loud the whole time, and Will wanted to least we got free ice cream!
*Jack started soccer and has played 3 games. He likes it a lot, but doesn't kick the ball. So, we're working on that. He will kick off at the start of each game or after a goal, but will not go near the ball during the game. But, he loves playing soccer!

I promise more someday, but I need some sleep!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boy or Girl?

Are you busy on the Tuesday, October 6th? I'll be busy having a baby!! That's the day my doctor gave the all clear, so I have 2 weeks or less! Yea! We're all excited to meet our baby, I think I'm the only one feeling overwhelmed! I've pulled boys and girls sleepers out, but that's about all. Baby's room isn't ready because he or she will move into Molly's room and she'll move into the former guest room. I'm thinking after the New Year, once we've all adjusted to our new little one! Eric and I will have a roommate for awhile! I feel the urge to paint, but don't think that is the smartest way to nest. I'm a little uneasy about the birth, Molly's delivery is still fresh in my head, so I'm nervous about pain, if the kids will be ok with my mom, or what if I go into labor before my mom gets here.....blah, blah, blah. Too much energy going into the what-ifs!

Any guesses on the gender? Any name ideas? I love hearing predictions!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of Preschool!!!

Today was Jack's first day of preschool...he's a big boy! He goes to PRESCHOOL, not school as I mistakenly called it earlier, and he had a great day! I can't believe how fast he's growing, how can he be three?!

The four of us took Jack to school today, so while we waited for Daddy to finish with some work, we headed outdoors for some first day of school pictures.

because she grabbed Jack's hands and smiled at me. She wanted one with Jack! So cute! She loves holding his hand!

Finally got one of Jack alone...Daddy also came out right before this and was able to capture Molly. Now, we're headed off to school!

Walking into school! Molly and Jack had a blast running all over the front lawn of the church while we waited for the doors to open. Note to self, don't come early if the director hasn't opened the doors. It was so muggy and hot! I'm the only one that seemed a little uncomfortable and it was only temporary! We waited only a few minutes before they let us in!

His preschool gives him a bag, which he took home with him this afternoon! Otherwise I would have gotten a picture of him walking in with his backpack on and then placing it in his cubby!

Finally made it into the classroom! He's in the Teddy Bear class and he's with his teacher Ms. Anne. Behind them is the class word wall and where they have calendar time. He was a little distracted by the other kids coming into the classroom and a little nervous about all the new, fun things!

I held in my tears until I reached the hallway and signed him in for the day. It's a Liz thing and I know it will be routine on every first day of school for all of my children! I will admit...It was nice having Molly all morning and spending time with her, she loved having all the toys to herself! I also was able to clean up a little, weird, I know! When we picked him up, he was tired but loved telling us about his day. He inhaled his lunch, I have never seen him eat so fast! He was tired and I thought it would be a great nap time. No nap, a potty issue or two, and a bit of a fit. I really hope this no nap-thing ends before our little one's arrival!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The sweetest baby girl!

Today is all about Molly! She has done some of the most amazing, sweetest things, I don't want to forget about and want to share!

Yesterday, she was in the kitchen with Eric while he was making dinner, found a rag and started wiping down the floors and table. She helped me vacuum by holding on to the handle. She also picked up all the food she threw after each meal! She LOVES the trash can!

This morning when we all woke up, she wanted to give Jack a hug, but he had to go potty ALONE! He kind of woke up on the wrong side of the bed, didn't have his coffee yet, really he just wasn't awake enough this morning. He did NOT want his little sister in there this morning, so he slammed the door in her face. too bad her hand was in the crease of the door and her hand was stuck in between the door and door frame. Poor baby! She screamed and cried for the longest time. When he came to apologize, she started crying again, she told him! But after she calmed down and Jack woke up more, they hugged and made up as friends and siblings do. She is very forgiving!

Finally, he was in the bathroom again before nap time (with the door closed and no hands were hurt) and going number 2, he yelled he was all done and needed me to help him wipe. For those of you who don't have a 3 year old, moms and dads help their kids out by wiping them after number 2ing. If we didn't help, we would go through an entire roll of toilet paper each time. So, I go in there to wipe him and I hear Molly right behind me. She had gone into her room, gotten out her wipes and brought them to me!! SO SWEET!!!! Jack said thank you to Molly and laughed at her, but I told him she was trying to help her big brother! It melted my heart! She is such a wonderful little girl!

Thanks for letting me brag!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where to begin?!

Here are some pictures from the past few months...

At Rebecca and Ryan's rehearsal!

Eating a snack before the wedding!

Movie night! Molly loved her Capri Sun

Playing with Daddy on 4th of July!

Dancing together! Molly loves dancing with Jack!

Trying to get a picture of the two of them...this was the best one

Grandma and Molly

Molly hanging out in the shopping cart...she got in all by herself!

Watering the grass, he LOVES to help Eric in the yard

Wearing Daddy's shoes!

Now a little update on the Brewers!! Another hot, humid August day in Katy and wouldn't trade it for any amounts of snow or ice! We've been having a very relaxing past couple of weeks with lots of time at the pool, playing at home and going to our friends houses! As always, Jack and Molly are as busy as ever and it's getting harder to keep up with them! I feel like a huge, fat cow (with the mustache and dark nose, don't forget!) and still feel like October is a very long time from now...too long...way too long. The baby is healthy and all my appointments are going great, I'll take the mustache (as long as it goes away once the baby arrives).

Jack is signed up to play soccer this fall, so cute! I can't wait to see him in his little shin guards, running all around the soccer field! His games are every Saturday, from September 26th (the best birthday present I could ever imagine...well, as a mom) to November 14th. Practices are once a week, so it's a little something extra to help get out some energy, he has a ton!!

Speaking of lots of energy, we were getting ready to go to the pool yesterday afternoon and Jack was running, maybe sprinting from our office to our family room. I guess he wanted to do some laps, get in some exercise, not quite sure. Our office is in the front of the house, so he ran from the office, through the front hallway to the family room windows. When he was almost to the windows he tripped on fell headfirst into the windowsill. I wasn't in the room with him, but heard him hit his head and it was the worse sound. He has a huge goose egg on his forehead, it started to bleed under the skin, and he was screaming. Being the levelheaded parents we are, all four (five?) of us jumped into the car and headed to the our swimsuits....Molly with no shoes. We were there about 2 1/2 hours but it was worth it. They did a cat scan on him and it was so hard watching him go through it without being right there next to him. It was so cute with his little crocs sticking out of the blanket on the long table, I just wanted to squeeze him!! He did great until the machine made a noise and a started crying, moving all around. Once I calmed him down, Eric and Molly weren't in there, and the technition promised a toy, he was fine. Everything is great, no fractures or clots, we just need to keep an eye on him for any odd behavior or illness. Trust me, he was fine on the way to the hospital, talking to us and telling us everything that happened. The doctor held up one finger and asked Jack to follow it, Jack kept telling the doctor Molly is one while following the finger and holding up one finger.

Molly was a trooper and did great! She loved the ER room we were in because of all the tubes and machines and kept saying hi to everyone. At first we just held her because she didn't have shoes on, but about the 2 hour mark, she was running down the hallways, laughing at us. She was great entertainment for all the nurses and patients. Her swim diaper did hold up the entire time, so our adventure to the bathroom was exciting because we saw the vending machines, a wheelchair, and washed our hands. Fun times!!

Jack slept in our bed last night with Eric, I opted for the coach in the playroom because our bed is too small for Eric, I and my stomach, I couldn't imagine Jack in the mix. He seems fine, eating normally, talking, running, and being his usual self. He even told me that his new room was with Daddy and I sleep upstairs now. So, we're done with him sleeping in our bed! His head looks a lot better today, so thank goodness it's just a big bump on the head!

We haven't taken pictures of the goose egg, but I added some pictures of our fun summer!

Friday, July 24, 2009

No, it's not a mustache!

Had my appointment this morning and everything is GREAT! I'm 29 weeks, measuring well, weight gain is where it should be (I think I'm huge, but was reassured that I'm healthy and just right), and the heartbeat was 148 bpm. We're registered at the hospital too! I took the kids with me today and they did awesome!!! Jack was fascinated with the blood pressure check and both kids loved the heart beat machine monitor thing. I am so relieved at how great they did. What would I do without cheezits and raisins?
Oh, one last skin under my nose is turning a darker tint of brown and so is the top of my nose, I guess this pretty common in pregnancy. This didn't happen with the other 2, but very common?!! Really?! It looks like I have a mustache! My doctor told me it will get darker but will go away once I have the baby. She also said it might expand more across my face to more of my nose and cheeks. I have enough issues with my nose and think it draws enough attention alone, not with a huge brown cluster on it and under it! Great, I'll be the big pregnant one with the mustache and brown nose. WHY?!?!?!?!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A list of events from the past few weeks...

Since nothing too exciting has happened in the past few weeks, as in nothing out of the ordinary, I'm going to make a list for the purpose of a lot of tidbits on info instead of long paragraphs that I seem to write in every blog! We don't sit around and watch the paint dry, but our life is pretty routine these days. Good thing October is coming quick and our routine will be thrown through a few loops with a twist and a turn!

1. No pictures, we have a new hard drive, but I don't know which hard drive to put the pictures on. Is that a huge surprise? We have cute ones though...I promise!
2. We have an official Texan....Jack! He has a little bit of a twang in his voice. Instead of saying "myself," he says, "Mysaealf." It's really cute, but I don't know where it came from!
3. Molly says "poop" every time she goes number 2 and on occasion, she takes off her diaper and brings it to me saying "poop, poop, poop!" So advanced! She's even gone on the potty a few times, but I'm not banking on her being potty trained by October.
4. Molly insists on wearing a bow as soon as she wakes up in the morning. Such a lady!
5. Jack really wants to grow big and strong, he tells us this everyday, especially after dinner when he doesn't eat...anything. Well, he'll eat a few bites of his food to get Vanilla Wafers, the dessert of choice around here. He doesn't want to be strong like Daddy or be big to go to school, he wants to ride on all the water slides at the pool.
6. Speaking of water slides, the pools in our neighborhood have a great kiddie pool area and most have a small frog slide. Jack didn't start going down until a few weeks ago, didn't go at all last summer. Molly starting go down the frog slide about a week after Jack and hasn't look back! We have to catch her at the bottom, but she goes up the 2 or 3 stairs by herself and goes on down without looking back!
7. I took the kids to a friends neighborhood pool the other day and their pools have huge water slides. Jack asked to go down and I said we couldn't without Daddy, there was no way I could go with both kids and my cow of a stomach. So, Jack had a blast playing with his friends Jeremy and Sean Carlos, splashing in the pools and running through the sprinklers in the kid section. Molly wanted to go down the slides. She spent 2 hours running towards the stairs, laughing until I caught her, then screaming for Daddy. I took her in the big pool, baby pool, kids splash area, gave her food, NOTHING WORKED!!!
8. Grandma Brewer came for a week at the end of June. We love her and hopes she hurries back to spend more time with us! Eric and I had our first date since September! She's wonderful!
9. We celebrated 4th of July by seeing fireworks two nights in a row! Eric and Jack were in a 4th of July parade in our neighborhood parade, they were with the firetruck!
10. Eric and Jack both got haircuts, Eric did them himself and both boys are adorable! Jack laughed at Eric's cut because it's shaved to just a 1, very short! Jack told Eric that Eric looked liked Papa, Eric's dad. Eric's dad is bald on top and Eric just has very short hair on the top. So, every time Jack talks to Papa, he laughs and tells Papa that Daddy looks just like him! I love Jack!
11. Baby Brewer is growing and kicking! I had my glucose test two weeks ago and I assume I passed, I go back on Friday. Our baby loves to kick, I think there's a dance party in there because everything seems to be shaking all around! I'm 29 weeks on Thursday, I'm getting so excited about meeting our new baby!
12. Molly loves babies and tries to kiss and hug all babies, real ones and dolls. Even 3 year old with a pacifier are babies according to Molly.
13. Jack loves Mickey Mouse. He wants to go to Disney World to play at Mickey's Clubhouse. He told me I could drop him off while he plays with Mickey and Molly will play with Minnie.
14. Molly made herself throw up the other day in the car, just because she can.
15. I taught Molly and Jack how to dance to the Hustle the other night. Jack loved it, Molly wasn't too interested. One child at a time, that's all it takes! We'll have a Brewer Hustle contest, so fun!

More to come soon! Have a great week!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

1 year ago today....

We officially became Texans! I can't believe it! The movers loaded the truck, we said good-bye to Kansas and headed south! I was so sad, tired, and excited about our new adventure and so happy that Eric, Jack and Molly would be there so we could experience our journey together as a family. I leaned a lot about moving and I know that knowledge will carry over to the next move or moves we will make together. We all have made new, lifelong friends, but kept our Kansas friends too. I was afraid we would come back to visit and our friends wouldn't want to see us, but there isn't enough time in our visits to see everyone! Most importantly, the four, almost five, of us are together and I learned that home can be anywhere! As long as I have my husband and kids, I will always be home! Here's to another wonderful, adventurous and fantastic year in Katy, Texas!!

Good-bye house in Gardner! Such wonderful memories! It was our first home, where we got engaged, married, brought home our first two children, and had many great bbq's, Christmases, Thanksgiving, and evenings hanging out with friends and family. Not to mention our first experience as home owners! The sump pump stopping, taking down wall paper (the horrible deer border with orange paint), painting, new carpet, and staining our deck! It was a great house! I loved sitting in our family room, curled up on the couch watching tv or a movie with Eric, or having Jill over to watch a fabulous show like The Bachelor! The best was playing with Jack and Bubba in our family room, and eventually both of them would open the shutters and look out the window, side-by-side. So cute! They loved to watch all the "action" in our non-busy neighborhood! The mailman was, and still is, a highlight in our day!

Playing with the shutters, it's so Jack! He still loves hiding in our curtains! He's about 18 months here.

Jack and Bubba playing by the windows. About 9 months old, it's right after Christmas 2006

Jack and Bubba...he was a great dog with him. If only he wasn't so big and didn't shed so much fur. Oh, and didn't eat so much, drool, sleep on our furniture, I could go on. Some day we'll get another dog...just not anytime soon! Jack's almost a year here, he was staying home sick with Daddy here because he had RSV and still wasn't up to par.

Our new house! We love it! We're so grown up now because we have a dining room and office! Eric misses the extended garage and we have to park the truck outside to store all of "stuff." We've only painted the office and Jack's, but I have a list of rooms waiting to receive a fresh coat! Everyone room is white, so it's nice that they are primed and ready, but I like a little color on the walls, even beige! We eventually need new carpet, we're hoping in the next year or year and a half! We are so blessed to be here and all though we have tons of wants, we truly have everything we need!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A whole lot of everything going on!!!

Wow! Sorry it's been so long! We've been busy that past few weeks and I've been really tired at nap time! So many things, so much to tell, where to start? How 'bout with the kids!


*Finally is walking!! Yea Molly! Took her 1st steps a few weeks ago when we were in KC for Rebecca and Ryan's wedding! She didn't really take off until this week and now she is all over the place! Of course, this means she's into more things, but she's so cute and proud of herself! She claps for herself the whole time, which sometimes makes her fall. She just stands right back up and crawls, and she's a fast crawler!
*We've been to the pools a few time this summer. We have 8 in our neighborhood and a several more pools and splash pads by our house. Our family went to the water park by our house and Molly screamed the entire time she was in the water. The splash area for kids is only a foot deep with zero entry, but she clung to us for dear life. She didn't like the sprinklers, fountains, or water in general. We did not give up! We even took her into the big pool where we held on to her and she screamed, crying loudly, making us look like we were torturing our child. Last night, I took the kids alone and I put her down at the zero entry entrance and she slowly inched her way into the water. An hour later she was all over the pool, going under a few times because of trips or falls, once into a fountain and got a mouthful of water. She was in heaven! Yea Molly! I knew she would love the water, but Molly only does things on Molly time!
*Our new favorite toy is the dishwasher. Not just opening and closing it, but climbing in or on top of the door when it's down.
*She loves, loves, LOVES her blanket. She calls it her D and Eric and I think that's what made her take off with walking. She brought it downstairs after nap on Sunday afternoon and kept walking back and forth with it!
*LOVES to eat our shoes, especially lick the bottoms! YUCK!
*Is fascinated by me putting on make-up and Eric shaving!
*While I get dressed in the mornings, she puts everything into the bathtub within the bathroom area. Shoes, purses, belts, cups, water bottles, plastic eggs, toys, books, and lotion have all ended up in our bathtub. She is one strong girl pulling things along and then lifting them into the bathtub.
*Her hair is long enough for a small ponytail on top of her head. Adorable!
We love her!!

*Did such a great job as ring bearer in Rebecca and Ryan's wedding! He was so gosh darn adorable in his tuxedo! He pulled Molly in a red wagon and he was working so hard, Eric had to help push the wagon up a little hill! Jack had sweat dripping from his head, but he kept on going. Molly, looking ADORABLE of course, kept saying "Whee!" the whole time. They were just precious! They both danced at the reception and then crashed that night, Jack even asked us to go to bed. So cute!
*We went to Deanna Rose Farmstead while in Kansas City with our friends and had so much fun! Jack loved playing with Luke, his best bud, and riding the tractor, sliding down the farm slide, and running as far ahead of us as possible! Molly loved the ducks!
*Back home, we had to get back into the swing of things! We were vacuuming, still one of Jack favorites, and he was carrying the cord for me up the stairs. It was lagging behind and he said "Vamanos cord! Let's go up the stairs to help mommy!" So cute!
*We've been busy with playgroup going to the Barn Park, that has a splash pad and the best playground. Jack loves the rocket there (the clear tunnel to crawl through. We've also been to Pump it Up, pools, parks, and a play date with Jeremy.
*Next week is Vacation Bible School, I'm excited for him and I know he'll have fun! His friends Jeremy and Will are in his class, I can't wait to hear about his fun!
*Last week at Sunday School, they made Burning Bushes on a stick, a really great idea. When we left, I asked his teacher, Miss Lisa who he LOVES, how he did. She bent over and hugged him, saying if he were any better, there would be two of him! So sweet! I'm glad he's good for them! He loves going there, he sings the songs all the time, loves the play ground, and especially loves Miss Lisa. I asked him about the Burning Bush and where it came from in the Bible, and he told me, "Miss Lisa made it!"
He's so wonderful!

Baby Brewer:

The side view of his or her's face! So cute! Do you see the little hand by the mouth? I love it!!

Another side view! Such a cute baby!! I can't wait to meet the little one in person!! Only 17 more weeks!! Yea!

*We're kicking strong! 23 weeks today, yea! I'm feeling lots of kicks and movement! Poor thing, Molly loves to climb all over me and I'm sure this little one is going to come out with bruises all over because of being bumped all the time. Jack is good at remembering to be careful around my tummy. He's actually a little protective with it the baby and me, he'll make a great husband some day!
*Still getting a little sick now and then, which is fun. I hope this is the only time the baby will be difficult...EVER! Just kidding! It's actually saved me from gaining a ton of weight in the beginning. One of Eric's aunts did tell me at the wedding that I looked huge and thought I was carrying triplets or at least twins because I'm so big. That made me feel great! Just to report, there is only one child in there! Thank God I'm only big.
*The latest craving the baby (?) has had is orange juice, it is so delicious! The baby also wants some sourz candies, but I can't find them anywhere! I feel horrible depriving my child from what they want, but I'll keep searching until I find them! If you happen to see any, please send them to Katy, Texas!
*At the sonogram last week, everything measured a little small, about a week behind me due date. Which is common for my pregnancies. They haven't switched my due date, we'll see. I just want a healthy baby! Jack came with me and loved seeing the babies face at a side angle. He thinks it's a brother. We'll see in October! We did not find out, I can't wait!
*Please don't ask about's so hard!
We can't wait to meet our little cupcake!

Eric and Liz
*We're doing super! Today is our 4th wedding anniversary! I can't believe it's been 4 years since our wedding day! What a great day! We're going to Chili's with the kids to celebrate!

Us taking picutres in the trolley before saying I Do!!

On our honeymoon in Ocho Rios, Jamaica! We're so tan! I wish I was still that thin! It's worth it, though!
*I'm taking water aerobics and the person closest to my age is is 55. A sweet old lady told me I reminded her of the ditsy girlfriend from 2 and a Half Men. Then she told me that people said she looked like Blanch from the Golden Girls. I can see it.

That's about all in a nutshell! I promise to update more and I'm sure I will with all of our summer plans! Truthfully, we don't have any set plans until October when the baby comes. But our lives are entertaining enough, so I'll post again soon! We didn't take many pictures at Rebecca and Ryan's wedding because we were all in it and chasing Jack and Molly the whole time, but when I get some, I'll post them! Our hard drive is getting ready to crash, so I'm waiting to upload anymore pictures from our camera. I'll figure this whole technology thing out someday!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I wish I could have the life of a "Real Housewife!"

I love reality TV, it's so addictive, yet so horrible! One of my current favs is the Real Housewives on Bravo. It's delicious! I love it! The new season takes place in New Jersey and it's unreal the money they have! I could be a better housewife if I had their money! I don't have have a maid, cook, personal trainer, heck, I don't even have a gym membership! My house is never clean! There is clutter EVERYWHERE! I'm trying to sell a few things on ebay and I can't even do that! One item is being bid on (out of 3) and that one might just be sold for a whole $0.99! I know, don't be too jealous! I was vacuuming today and you can't even tell because my kids feel the need to run all over the freshly vacuumed carpet. I was dusting the other day and Jack asked me why I was using Daddy's cleaner. I even try to be stylish by looking like I have a champagne budget when in all reality it's a beer, wine cooler budget! But no! I put on a sundress last week and Jack asked me what I was wearing! Our only vacation this year is to Kansas City, which I'm so excited for, don't get me wrong!'s not the beach, mountains, spa resort, or a getaway from the kids! At least I get to eat all the BBQ and wedding cake that I want!

In all actuality, I love my life, my kids and my husband! I wouldn't trade it in, especially to be a "Real Housewife" on one of the Bravo shows. They're all crazy ladies with too much time on their hands. Probably too much money too, but I would take it! My kids don't get everything handed to them and they'll grow up appreciating (fingers crossed) the little things in life! I'm done buying toys! They're new love is our Tupperware cabinet!

I love them!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Setting a record!

Molly has gotten 4, yes FOUR, new teeth since last Thursday! She's full of cuddles but not eating very well, how can she with all the swollen gums?!!!! Yesterday, she had a 103 fever on and off, making it a rough night. We went to the doctor today and she has an ear infection in her right ear, with the 5th, yes FIFTH, tooth ready to pop anytime. Slightly uncomfortable and miserable for her, poor baby!!

On a happier note, here's a picture of her in her flower girl dress!! She's so cute!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting so big!!

Eric brought home a doughnut a while ago and the kids shared it for dessert. They acted liked they had never eaten anything with blue frosting!

He thinks he's so funny! Actually, it was! I even helped him put more frosting on his face...probably not the smartest Mommy move!

She thought Jack was so funny, Molly put some frosting on her face!

A few days later, we're eating dinner...again! We eat a lot around. Jack is drinking less and less from sippy cups and with regular cups with lids and straws, so pretty much a cup that doesn't spill!

Well, little Miss didn't want her milk that night. NO! She is a big girl! So, I took the lid off and she went to town drinking her milk!

So proud!

Going in for more!

That is the look of refreshment!

But now we're done!

We even like to comb our hair now, even if that means getting cheese out of it!

Still a cutie, but needed Mom's help. Her new words are bow and hair, usually pointing to her head when she wants a bow. Her bangs are getting a little long, but I hated bangs growing up! I hope I can grow hers out without driving us both crazy!

Her car seat has been a favorite toy with both kids, Molly enjoys climbing in and out of it anytime we bring it inside. She is too long for it, but doesn't weigh enough to turn around. So, it's a rare occasion that we bring her car seat inside, usually it just sits in my car. When it does come inside, hours of entertainment ensure!

Since we play so hard during the day, we need to stay clean, which is why I included some bath pics! They both LOVE taking baths and we had to take one the morning after our little trip to Austin since they were both exhausted yet dirty after our trip! Molly was so excited to get in, see peed on the floor! Of course Jack yells, "Molly, we don't pee on the floor, we pee in the potty!" Giggling the whole time! She tried to touch it and play in it, I could hear her thinking, "Wow, what is this that just came out of me?!!! I have to touch it right now!!" They love taking a bath in our bathtub right now, or Jack calls it Daddy's bathtub. They play with empty water bottles, hangers, leftover Easter eggs (plastic ones), and a blow-up ball, forget buying them bath toys!

Finally, Molly has broken through 3 teeth since Thursday! She's been a little fussy and not eating the greatest, but fully of cuddles!! I love it!
I had a doctor's appointment last week, the baby is doing great! I'm 18 weeks, starting to show, but not quite big enough for maternity clothes but too big for my regular clothes. It's fun. I heard the heartbeat, it was 154 bpm, which doesn't tell me much, but sounded great! I'm starting to feel kicks, but they're not strong enough for Eric to feel! We have a sonogram on the 29th, but we're not finding out again! It was so fun the last time and we have our boy and girl, so we pretty set on things!
We'll post again soon!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jack's Birthday....almost a month later!

Opening presents!!

All of us at Pump it Up!

Having fun at Pump it Up!!

She kind of liked the cookie!

Blowing out candles of his birthday cookie!!

Watching Daddy put together his shopping cart...he loves it!! He takes it to the mailbox everyday, and brings me the peanut butter and bread for his lunch everyday in it!! Molly is waiting patiently to the day he lets her play with it!!

The pictures are on the computer, thanks to my trusting husband Eric! I don't know why I'm so mentally slow when it comes to computers! I did load the pictures on, but on to the wrong hard drive...again! It just doesn't make sense!

OK! Jack's birthday started with our trip to San Antonio! We left Saturday, March 28th around 8 and arrived around 10:30, such an easy trip from Katy! We checked into our hotel, the Drury Inn right on the Riverwalk! Beautiful hotel, very small room, but was fine for one night. We walked around the Riverwalk, taking in the sights and enjoying the beautiful day! It was perfect, warm and sunny! We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, which the kids loved, especially the music and Jack's chocolate milkshake! Next, we rode on one of the boat tours, which was great! I thought Molly was going to jump out of the boat because she was ALL OVER THE PLACE!! We were crammed into the boat like a bunch of sardines, so she had nowhere to move except on us and into the water! Jack loved the boat ride, but my advice is to go early in the morning when it's not as crowded!

After our refreshing naps back at the hotel and free happy hour at the hotel, we met the sweetest family, the Bonnallie's! I taught with Kelly for a year at Ascension and her family moved to San Antonio last year! She is so great and sweet! They met us at our hotel and we took a trolley to the Mexican Market, so much fun! Jack and her kids Madeline and Brooks played at a park, we walked around the market that reminded me of all the markets in Mexico (such great deals!!), and we ate at a wonderful Mexican restaurant, which I forgot the name of, but was fabulous and open 24 hours! Kelly and I talked forever, we haven't seen each other since I was barely pregnant with Miss Molly, so we had so much to catch up on! We've talked a few times in the past few years, but it was so great catching up! After walking back to the hotel and saying good-bye to Kelly and the rest of the Bonnallie's we all crashed and slept peacefully that night!

The next day, Jack's birthday (!), we ate our free breakfast at the hotel (seriously, Hotwire is amazing and we weren't planning on all of this free hotel food!), we went to the Alamo! It was interesting for Eric and I, but not so much for Jack and Molly, especially Molly who was protesting the stroller by this point. I kept the kids and walked around with them while Eric educated himself on our fabulous Texas history, I'll learned it someday! We walked through the Riverwalk again, packed up, and headed to Chili's for Jack's birthday lunch! He loves the bottomless chips and salsa! After a delicious lunch, we headed back east to Katy! When we got home, Jack opened the rest of his presents and we picked up his cookie cake from the mall for his party the next day!!

His birthday party was at Pump it Up and he had a blast!!!! We invited his whole playgroup and most of his friends were able to come! After playing for about an hour and a half, we headed to Double Dave's Pizza (yummy) and ate lunch with all of his friends! They have a great pizza buffet everday for lunch, so we all chowed down, ate his delicious cookie cake and he opened his presents! He had a GREAT birthday! I can't believe he's 3!!