Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Colorado 2014: Mount Crested Butte!

On Monday of our trip, we decided to head over to Crested Butte with our friends and hike!  I had heard amazing things about Crested Butte and was so excited to check it out, but first, we had to hike!
My pictures don't do justice to the gorgeous drive to Crested Butte!  We made plans to build our dream cabin on that drive with every turn we made!  

Mount Crested Butte or Bust!

We rode the chair lift to 10,000 feet altitude and hiked the last 4,00 feet...this was right after we got off the chair lift!  We were ready to go!  

After about 200 feet or so, you can definitely tell the air is thinner the higher you go!  We were struggling little we knew!

Photo courtesy of Jenna...we were looking at her dad using his professional camera!


Almost to the top!!  

We have about 150 feet left before the top and this is where Will hits his wall!  He stops, starts crying and eats almost everything in our backpack..poor guy!  I sit with him and take this gorgeous picture!  I really could stare at this all day!  

So, everyone except Will and I go to the top, and when the reach it they're all waving at us all happy! That just makes Will cry harder, and for daddy who's waving at the top!  He climbs down, I go up to the top, wave at Will and everyone from our group who started climbing down, and that's when Eric and Will start hiking to the top!  So, Will and Eric make it to the the top, yay buddy!!

I'm so proud of all of us for actually making it up there, with only a few cuts and scratches, and no one fell off the mountain!  My fear of heights was in full swing up there and everyone made it down alive!  

There are zero pictures of us going down because:  1.)  We were slipping and sliding all over the place mainly where we got scratched up  2.)  There were a lot of tears, one girl in our family who desperately needed to use the bathroom and we gave a good motivational talk to her most of the way down she finally went, whew!  And in the woods!  3.)  Jack got altitude sickness and he wasn't looking pretty!  Poor guy just has a weak stomach, wasn't drinking as much as he should, and pretty much ran both up and down the mountain.  Once we fed him lunch he was a brand new man! We started hiking at 10 and didn't finish until almost that may be one reason he go sick!  The boy needs to eat!

After our hike we went into Crested Butte for an amazing lunch and ice cream!  We deserved it!  

We climbed that mountain!  You can see the chair lifts and the path up to the trail...we're so outdoorsy!  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Colorado 2014: Day Two!

After a wonderful nights sleep with the windows open and hearing this....

We were ready to explore where our temporary home!  On the property, there were about 20 cabins, a game room, and laundry.  The kids absolutely loved the game room...a pool table, ping pong, pop-a-shot, and an old TV with a VCR and DVD player.  Awesome!  The dirt road separated our cabins from our friends but the kids were able to play outside in our "front yards" for hours!  

Our mountain view!

This cutie and I had a great, relaxing time in the hammock!

Just take me back!  So cozy!

For lunch, Eric's friend Mark drove over from his home in Montrose, CO with his three kids!  The last time we saw Mark was back when Jack was one and Mark had zero kids!  He's such a great friend and it was so great seeing him and his sweet little family!

Waiting for our food...Molly, Connor, Aubrey, Jack and Will!  Not pictured, Mark's son Jackson!  Photo bombs courtesy of Eric and Mark!

After lunch, we took a short drive in the mountains and stopped for the kids to throw rocks in the water!  Will's absolute favorite part about Colorado!

Such form!

Jack was in heaven too!  

A cute family picture of the five of us!  Christmas card?!

Mark and his cuties!  Jackson, Connor, Mark, and Aubrey!

Eric and Mark with the kids!  We needed evidence that we saw him and his kids!  

You always need to take a silly picture!  Love it!  And loved that our kids all got along so great!!

My new friend Aubrey!  She was a sweetie and is going to keep Mark on his toes!

My sweetie that definitely keeps me on my toes!  She's showing me her new gems!  Love her!

Miracles upon miracles...Molly fell asleep in the car on our back into town to go to the grocery store! She hasn't slept in the car in years!  Yes, that 14 hour trip the day before, she didn't sleep one minute! 

We had to document this moment!

That night, the cabins HOA hosted their weekly BBQ!  Everyone brings sides and meat to share and you chat with everyone while the kids ran around having a blast!  I felt like we were back in the 60's and 70's, when the kids could safely run around the "neighborhood" and having a blast!

A cute picture of the kids!  Yes, my kids drink's vacation!

Standard silly picture!  

Colorado 2014:  Day Three Next!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Colorado: 2014 Edition Day One!

Oh yes!  The Brew Crew ventured off to Colorado for another summer!  

This vacation has been in the works for about two years!  Our friends Justin, Jill, Jeremy and Jenna aren't they so cute with all the J's?  Jack fit right in with all of them! live in Virginia but used to live in Katy!  We met in play group and became fast friends!  Well, Jill and I and Jack and Jeremy did!  Jenna and Molly were newborns and obviously Will wasn't around yet!  They moved away two years before us but we've stayed in touch, went on a girls trip, and started planning our trip to Colorado!  Justin's parents have a cabin between Gunnison Crested Butte and go up every summer to their cabin.  Jill asked if her family could stay with us a night and then all of us drive on to the cabin!  Of course!  So, they arrived late Friday night and we were all on the road Saturday morning!  

Molly singing "Let it Go" and in heaven!  

We traded kids and Molly ended up with Jenna watching...."Frozen!"  Shocker!  Notice how empty their car looks!  

The boys watching "Turbo!"  Must be a really intense part of the movie!  And yes, our car looks like we packed for a month and busting out the seams!  

Until we reached the Colorado border...."are we in Colorado yet?!"  Poor Will!  And once we got into Colorado..."where are the mountains?!"  A few hours into Colorado!  Poor guy!

Mountains!  Finally!  

We went from the 90's to the 40's in one day!  

A little blurry but gorgeous Colorado sunset!  Love it!!

After 14 hours, we made it to our cabins!  We stayed in one right across the road from our friends!  More details soon!!

Happy 4th of July...on the 22nd of July!!

A few days weeks late but who's keeping track?  

We had a wonderful 4th of July this year!  We started off going to the Lenexa 4th of July parade in the morning!

The boys before the start of the parade when the streets were closed!  They thought they were the coolest ever!!

Waiting for the parade to start, such suspense!  Such excitement!  

Our friends that just moved here from Texas joined us all day!  We love showing them our Kansas pride!  I mean, there were state senators, representatives and the governor!  That's a good parade!

The boys favorite part of the parade!  Well...and the candy!

Afterwards, we headed to Mogo's for a family BBQ!  Ribs, beans, and chips!  The rest of the day we napped and grilled out!  Does it get anymore American than that?!

That night, we watched fireworks with our friends and enjoyed being outside without melting from humidity and heat!  

An overall great day!!

But our American spirit end on Friday the 4th, oh no!

We headed to Home Depot on Saturday to make bug catchers!  It was confirmed that I should stay away from tools and building ANYTHING!  I opened Will's pieces and scattered them all over the table, kept dropping everything and his was put on upside down!  Luckily he's 4 and loves me for all my flaws!

We next headed to Mogo's to pick up a tree!  I mean, what else says USA than helping your grandmother get rid of her dead tree?  The kids and especially Eric loved every second of this adventure!

Hope you had a wonderful, patriotic 4th of July!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Walk Through the Fairy Gardens

With summer in full swing, we are spending our days swimming, playing, and soaking up the wonderfulness of summer!  
I've heard about the Fairy Gardens near our house for the past few years and we finally got over there a few weeks ago!  

Our first fairy house sighting!!  Both were hesitant to see what would come out of the house!

Getting a bit braver!  Notice Molly was a bit nervous and stood far away as possible at first!  We just had to give her time to warm up and then she was perfectly fine!  Molly time in full force that day!  

The mailbox for the house in the picture above!  There were actual letters to the fairy's in them!  So cute!  

A fairy-sized Tiki-hut!  Hammock and all!  My type of fairy!

After a while, the houses were more spread out, so Jack wanted to walk Penny during this stretch!  What a cute pair they make!!

Once we turned around and headed back towards our car, we went back to the main part that had several houses, a little table with dishes and play food, and a miniature stage.  Adorable!  We played here for such a long time!!
Will loved the little table and wanted to bring a picnic back to share with the fairies!  Such a sweetie!!

Molly and Jack wrote notes to the fairies, they had markers and paper am I using adorable too much?  Well, it was adorable!  Both wrote a sweet message to the fairies and then drew pictures with the chalk provided for the fairies homes!  And their notes were so sweet, they wrote how nice the fairies were to share their houses, how pretty the houses were and asked them to visit us!  I think with the three wiggly teeth between the two of them, that visit will be soon enough!

Will showed zero interest in the chalk and note writing, but he sure put on a mean picnic!!

The sign leaving the Fairy Gardens!  Such a wonderful message that is so true!

We had such a great time exploring the Fairy Houses and I was amazed at the details, the little touches that someone worked so hard on to share with children!  My kids adored it and we had such a fun summer adventure exploring, letting our imaginations go free, and I loved seeing the magic in all three kids eyes!  

Sadly, a few weeks after we went, a news report said the people that ran this moved away and took everything with them.  Um, sad!!  My friend took her kids and was very confused to find nothing, but then we heard the news and were shocked that someone would take away such a sweet gift to hundreds of children.  I told my  three that with all the rain lately, the houses washed away....a slight fib, but I couldn't take away the magic from them!  I hope that someday they'll come back or maybe I'll start it up again!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lazy Days of Summer

I'm truly loving our summer break!!  We are relaxing, enjoying the outside, swimming, riding bikes, taking walks , playing outside...I just want to stay "here" forever!  Here are a few pictures in how we're enjoying the best time of year!!
Just my two cute girls relaxing!  We're loving our Penny so much...Molly keeps thanking us for a sister!  Such a sweetie !!

We celebrated NINE years of marriage with a tball game and one sick kid!  The Sunday  before we had a day date with yummy Mexican food and shopping!  Couldn't imagine a life without him!  

Jack and Eric had a Cub Scout camp out, so while they were camping, we took a walk in the rain!  We splashed in puddles and giggled, such a fun walk!!

Mr. Baseball Will!  He has two games left and loves every second of tball!!  Go Will and the Chiefs!!

Molly picking out library books!!  We are here weekly!

Eric was out of town for one of Will's games, so Jack was asked to fill in as assistant coach...he was so excited and took his job super serious!  Jack was able to tell the kids what to do and not get in trouble for being bossy, awesome! To be honest, he did great and Coach Lance appreciated his help!!

During the games, Molly plays with her sweet friend Reagan!  Her dad is the coach, little brother Barett is Will's bud, and I adore her mom!   We're all going to miss tball!!

Molly and Will have been in semi lessons the past two weeks, here's Jack during one of the lessons building with his magnets!  He loves these and could play with them all day!!  He's missing lessons this week due to basketball camp! 

Just a little family game of baseball, she was more focused on posing for me!

Eric and I went to the Royals game Friday night! It was super fun but this was my view the first 3 1/2 innings. Luckily I snuggled next to Eric and watch the megatran!  

My cute breakfast date!  Sometimes a good talk, yummy food and a tic-tac-tow tournament is all you need in life!